Why punish high DPS.

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Damage reflection has been a part of Diablo since the first game. They're not going to remove/nerf it just because you're not happy with it.
08/18/2012 05:23 PMPosted by FriskySpoon
Reflect damage is there to keep ranged from going straight DPS and just shooting at monsters off screen. There are many ways to mitigate it.

To clerify when i pop up my combo im at like 100k dps. Then i pop archon/ improved archon. I cant use hydra blah blah im not our of range blah blah. Im infront on the monster blowing them the heck up. Monsters die in 2-5 seconds.. more then enough time for me to blow them up before they close the gap between us. My issue is that the affix owns u in 1-2 seconds when ur blowing out that much dps. We are supposed to feel overpowered this is diablo. No ironmaiden owned ur hammerdin with 17k dps in d2..
08/18/2012 04:39 PMPosted by TheMadMan
Guessing OP never played D2 when certain elites could cast Iron Maiden... FAR worse than reflect damage is currently.

ahh, don't even remind me of those !@#$ers...
Also 100k DH here. Once you get about 1000+ LoH you won’t even notice damage reflect. I will say this LoH is far superior to Life leech (even if you run into shielded champs they may block it...but it counts as a hit :) . U can set some jagged spikes (up to 5) and get 5000k per hit, then u turn on chakrim (shrunken cloud) that’s another 1000, but #1 important thing about LoH is the use of the passive skill custom engineering. NEVER FAILS
you are having problems even with shadow power?
Reflect damage is certainly an issue for glass cannons. I play my DH the most and I can easily one-shot myself with a carelessly used cluster arrow (~400% +crit damage on a 1060ish bow). While I'm sure that the argument exists for getting resist gear and more HP, the tradeoff for that is giving up something else that is more directly useful like DPS, MF, etc. I do wish that it would be capped at a % of your health, though. One shotting yourself doesn't make the game fun or challenging - it just makes it stupid.
Reflect damage is an anti glass cannon thing, its like a defensive gear check really. Us barbs have to get HP and def and res to stay alive, so you think DH can get a free pass?
You're not punished for having high damage.

You're punished for ignoring defenses.
WW Barbs are one of the most vulnerable to this after probably 60-90k dps. Look at Kongor. He has almost the best dps and dies from reflect damage. He has quite the amount of LoH and some LS.
dude just get high LoH

reflects used to @!@# me too, then i got over 800 LoH and now it never even affects me.

basically now it only hurts me when i evasive fire them, because the fire rate isn't quick enough to leech it back. with nether tentacles and rapid fire my health stays full constantly
Your DPS is still low compared to your LoH vs Reflect Damage. If you had twice your DPS, that 800 wouldn't help much anymore. Eventually, it wouldn't be worth countering.
Get some resists, armor and loh and it stops being a problem. I love running into reflect damage mobs.
When my DH was balanced with armor/vit/dps I didn't even notice reflect dmg. I'm heading toward glass cannon now but haven't totally dropped vit/resist. Crits can do about 40% dmg to me if it hits multiple mobs but just time your smokescreen or SP with it. Granted my DPS is only 75k with scoundrel but there's gotta be SOME drawbacks to going full retard on glass cannon. If there wasn't then DHs would have it total ezmode (they already do)
glass cannon dhs are so annoying
gotta love when they stand on all my bombs and i kill me self
I hate this one so much. There are some mobs I just have to skip because of this. You either have to get "lucky" and they drop a health globe, wait for 30 seconds to heal with a pot in between poking them, die and respawn, or reload.

What's annoying is it's not entirely possible to counter-play, your ability to kill the particular mob has to do with your equipment and class, hardly anything more. And, if you reset your skills in order to do so, you are punished by losing all of your bonus magic find. There are some ideas for fixing it, adding some sort of a cap, or changing it to a lower amount working like thorns or something. Sure if you are fully equipped they are no problem, but again, that falls in with the problem of it having to do with your equipment.
Some monsters are simply the bane of some builds....I remember in D2 playing my barb and absolutely waiting in terror for those dang Hell Knight to cast Iron Maiden. This made it more fun for me. Rather than complaining about how reflect damage is tough on high dps characters (omg I have so much sympathy that most of the game is too easy for you) I suggest you look forward to the challenge and learn to deal with it. Even if it comes to using a lower dps attack or running away. My D2 barb spent a LOT of time running around waiting for IM to wear off, sounds a lot like you needing to wait for a potion cd to me.

Do you really want everything to be so simple that all you need to do is click away while reading a book on the side or something?
Not trying to troll...but if you remove everything that makes the game difficult, haven't you also removed a lot of the fun?

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