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Dumb question, but where exactly do i find the Paragon portrait. Going solo, the only portrait i see is my follower. As soon as i hit level one, i got the "You have unlocked Paragon Portrait" message. So where do i see it?
You'll only see it when you're in a party doooooooooooooooooood
Ahhh phoeey.
Another stupid question, where do you change your portrait? I'm in a party and can see my portrait and have unlocked one but its the same as a friends who is still lv 0
When u are at the menu click on your character and choose the hero tab. There you will see the portrait.
the only thing that changes is the border around the protrait, bot the picture itself. At level 1 the only noticable difference is the level number, but at higher levels (every multiple of 10) the boarder of the portrait gets slightly cooler. Check this link for a more thurough explanation and example:
you may also see it below your hero in menus (page where you can select quest, AH, etc.).

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