How many achievement points do you have??

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I only know of one person with 4520 achievements. I wonder if there is anyone else besides him.

Quite a few of my friends are at 4510 achievements though.
Good job man, I'd be there with you Russell, but I took over a month off and just came back for 1.04 so I got some catching up to do.

And for the life of me...dataminer refuses to spawn.
4010, 88% done with 10/10 Feats of Strength. Though, my hardcore achieves are at 5% completion so I have a lot of room to grow those points.

Pretty much the only ones I have left in softcore are the long terms ones. Kill all the rares, saves someone's butt 250 times, 2x each class, etc. And yeah, 100m gold.

As for the most painful achieve, I think the nekked ones were the most stressful. I mean, they only took me an hour or two, but there was a lot of stress involved.
I'm working on my HC achievements. Almost finish hell. Are there achievements for beating bosses in inferno? If it does, I will have to spend a lot more time then. I hope it doesn't so i can go back to SC to farm other achievements.
08/23/2012 04:11 AMPosted by SKiLLY
Toughest (mostly time consuming I guess) one seems to be "A Unique Collection" or whatever the "kill all of the following unique enemies" achievement is called. I still have quite a few missing from that list. As for the toughest one that I've completed, "Crispy Critters" (kill 3 tormented stingers with a hell forge) was a bit of a pain as it often seemed to not register (maybe the stingers need to all die at the exact same moment?). The "wandering merchant" and "explore all dungeons in act 2" took me a while because Zaven the alchemist (I think) and the mysterious cave seem to spawn extremely rarely. Out of the 100's of times I've gone through the dahlgur oasis, I've only seen it once. Still looking for it to spawn because I need to find a champion Deathly Haunt pack in the mysterious cave.

I think the toughest is getting the Achievement for getting all possible results on the mysterious device in the Desolate Sands.

It doesn't always spawn, and there are like 20 possible outcomes for it....assuming that they are equally weighted and it has a 50% spawn rate that is a LOT of runs.
72% / 3290

Have a few bugged achievements I have completed but not getting credit for :(
4000 or so hardest was nude boss killing other then hc ones time consumeing would probably be elite hunting since i havent bothered to do it yet lol
only 10 possible outcomes. that ach. is not that bad. just need to keep running. at least you can find the device every 3 or 4th run.

the ach. i'm having problem is finding bashiok. been looking in every difficulty. after hundreds of resuming games, maybe 500, still nothing. I pretty much give up.
achievements have no effect on the game and give you nothing of value hence most people do not care about them. it's mainly for casuals
3080 at the moment.
4490 (98%) atm

need: 1 ghost, 100mil gold, and 5 "monsters" farm
4490 (98%) atm

need: 1 ghost, 100mil gold, and 5 "monsters" farm

Nice, lol..
3870 (85%)

Still trying to get Wheel of Fortune...

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