Nat Legacy set?

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Do the old versions of Natalya's still drop? The new set bonus isn't really that good. I bought 3 pieces of the set a few weeks ago, and have been saving my gold to be able to afford the ring(since the crossbow isn't very good).

Or am I screwed to a hell of exponentially rising prices on the nat's ring due to a now fixed supply of them.
Last time I check (yesterday), natalya's mark buyout price has been >70 mil. I would definitely go to ah and sort it by buyout price and see if you can afford the cheapest one.
I can't. Not even close, still off by at least 45 mil. Now just wondering if I'm now pretty much screwed out of the gold I spent on the other 3 pieces if the ring is now going to be far outside my price range.
Are we sure about what the new set bonus is?
The new set bonus(according to in-game tooltips) is +20 to maximum discipline. The old pieces and the new pieces do not count as set pieces together. 2/5 bits of legacy and 2/5 bits of new stuff =/= a 4 piece bonus.
Ok, I saw the leaked info, but was skeptical for whatever reason (didn't stop me from dropping basically all my gold on the cheapest nat's ring i could find)
Really pisses me off. The only reason I went after the other 3 pieces was because of the 4 piece bonus. Now I'm stuck with mediocre pieces of gear with no way of getting the 4th piece without either:

a) Gutting my dps(tried it with the hand xbow.. lost 40k dps..)

b) Paying an absurdly large amount of gold(which I don't have).

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