invincible barb bug AGAIN

Bug Report
Don't know why my thread was deleted.. I didn't tell anyone exactly what happened.. but yeah it's happened again. Barb was surrounded by several mobs.. and suddenly it giltches and I can't move, can't attack, mobs hit me and i'm at zero health but can't die, can't pick up items.. follower can kill everything though. Please address this instead of deleting the thread
Basically my ONLY option is to leave the game. Can't even portal back to town. This is just stupid.. twice in just a couple hours...
This is NOT an exploit... this is a bug. The reason why it's not an exploit is because you can do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WHAT SO EVER. just stand there.. can't move, get rubberbanded back, no skills work, no portals work nothing works.
Thanks Nexus. No need to bump your thread every three minutes :)

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