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I am not really a lore expert so that's why I am asking.

With the recent patch, players are given the chance to have the ability to summon Angels and Demons through Legendaries..

The question: are Nephalems allowed to do that? I mean, they should be against demons and, maybe, angels... What is the effect of that in the story? Are those demons and/or angels being summoned somehow like Tyrael in a way? Or are they summoned using magic that may or may not be forbidden?
The ability to summon angels is bound to the weapon, armor, or piece of jewelry. Our heroes don't know how to do it on their own. Not that they wouldn't have the ability to if they bothered to learn the right spells.

Demonic summoning is a known art in Sanctuary, spearheaded by the earlier philosophies of the Vizjeri Mage Clan. Of the forbidden magics that can get on the Viz-jaq'taar's, or more colloquially known as Mage Slayers or Assassin's, hit list, demonic summoning is probably at the very top. I seriously doubt though that anything story-wise will be bothered by it. It doesn't necessarily violate the lore, but it messes it up a bit in a way. But I'm ok with that. If a monk claw, on the other hand, had a demonic summon attached it, well then I think my gears would be ground enough to care.

Angelic summoning is.. pretty much unheard of. I don't know if you can summon an angel the same way you can a demon, but I can tell you that there are no reports of it being done as of now. The weapon that does this, Skycutter, is in fact an instrument of Heaven itself which makes a bit more sense than if its origin was Sanctuary.
Thanks for the response. :)

Yeah - it was just a thought. I've read some of the Diablo books and it made me think. I know they've previously thought of adding a half-demon as a character (now the Demon Hunter after development) but they didn't because they wanted Humans / Nephalems to be the core of the story.

That said, I think it makes sense... that the summoning is weapon bound and not a skill they they learned or...hopefully, will ever learn. Maybe if someone writes a story, it can work like a personal pet or something. I dunno.. There are exceptions always right? So demons and angels can actually work with Nephalems without worrying about betrayal or stuff like that... Inarius worked with Lilith for time too...

Sorry for the scrambled thought. I am an aspiring epic/adventure novel writer and these things always make me think.

Thanks again for taking the time to respond!
08/23/2012 05:37 AMPosted by BishopLuc
So demons and angels can actually work with Nephalems without worrying about betrayal or stuff like that... Inarius worked with Lilith for time too...
I can't say anything about angel's loyalty to humans, but I think without exception, every demon summoned to Sanctuary has betrayed or has had plans to betray their summoner after some amount of time.
Yeah - you're right. But I guess the demons summoned by the weapons aren't really strong enough to betray you.
There is already humans who can summon demons as for angels I think it's just game machine there is no angel summoning so far in the story unless I missed it heh.

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