Hallowed/6 prop armor streamed crafting

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Just learned 6 property gloves!

Now with a stream that will likely only be on when crafting at:


Add me and put "Crafting" in the subject if interested.

Hallowed Shield/Weapons mats are:

700k gold
120 essences
30 tears
2 brimstones
11 tomes

At this time I am also willing to craft 6 affix chests/belt/boot/manitou masks in batches of 10 for those who have done trades with me before and don't care about the no stream. The chests seem to be a very good way to turn a profit for my customers thus far.

6 Property Chest/WD Mask mats are (for 10):

1.52m gold
350 essences
50 tears
100 tomes

6 Property Boots/Gloves/Bracers/Belts mats are (for 10):

1.52m gold
280 essences
50 tears
80 tomes

My thread with many vouches on the other site:



Now selling many Hallowed Defenders from 5m all the way up to 50m gg shields. Just add me
in game and let me know the stats you are looking for.
Also selling 6 affix chests for 250k-5m depending on what you are looking for.
the shield rocks

its ilvl62 now

u will be dirty dirty rich
It does indeed rock, and some of the finer versions of that incredible piece can be found on the AH at this very moment.
That was Quick and legit I got 2 of them made with out a hassle and I cant belive how good these weapons got Thanks alot mate Im def gonna do that again.... When I can aford the mats :D
thx for the craft ^^
08/21/2012 11:59 PMPosted by BunBao
thx for the craft ^^

Np man :)
Crafting for a bit longer then sleep.
Online and crafting
Still crafting.
crafting more defenders plz
Heh it's expensive and tbh most of them roll thorns/lightning then like dex/str with mid block, it's hard to get good ones out.

Got a few nice ones on the AH though, when they sell I can afford to make more :D
Hey Darken,

I've already got you on friends list from way back. I'll be on later tonight and I'd like to (if possible) craft both the shield and a ceremonial knife. I trust you on the shield. I'll be on later tonight!! Hopefully you're on.
I'd like to craft up to 6 weapons and 6 shields also when I get off work. I'd stop at 2 weapons and 2 shields each if they turn out viable.

Also, you don't need to stream to prove you're not switching. If you're willing to go through the trouble, put 30 white armors on the ground, and pick them up to prove your inventory is empty. Then drop them and take the mats and gold, walk to bs, craft and trade all the items. repeat. It will take you an extra 30 seconds to do this per customer. Up to you I guess. You could probably quadruple your output for customers since the shield in such high demand in HC.
The reason I am only crafting the weapon is because I am not currently willing to go through the hassle of all that. With the weapon it's decent but not good enough for scams to be a big issue. And I have a 4 page thread I linked in the OP with vouches and happy customers, not one single negative comment.
I see. That makes sense.
this guy is a scammer, don't trust him
crafting for about another hour then taking a short break.
Back and crafting again, vouch thread has grown past 5 pages and some people are making decent gold selling the good ones.

1 more hour of crafting available.
Marking this for later, and bump to you!

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