Hallowed/6 prop armor streamed crafting

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Just finishing an a3 run and then crafting.
Still on and crafting up a storm.
Crafting a bit more tonight.
Back and crafting. My 3rd vouch thread is started:

Vouch, reliable and fast.
Still crafting for a few hours.
1 more hour.
I would like to buy one of your shields, but it doesn't seem like I can afford the good ones. Would you be interested in trading a shield for a pair of Firewalkers (legendary level 62 boots)? With the following stats:

+167 STR
+71 INT
48 Fire Resistance
12% Movement Speed
Health Globes Give +1321 Life
Reduced Damage from Melee Attacks by 4%
Burn the Ground You Walk On (this effect is pretty cool, kind of like having permanent molten)
I can't really use boots with no all res or vit sadly.

Last call on crafting for tonight.
Back and crafting/selling shields
Still going.
Just crafted a 1047 dps wd dagger with an open socket and 100 int.

Still crafting just got a 990 dps open socket monk fist.
Few more hours of crafting.
Back and crafting/selling shields.
Also crafting 6 property belts now, not that many on the market yet.
Crafted a lot of belts so far, with some very nice results.
Well I've made alot of belts today, and still going strong.
I found some good items this weekend so I've got a lot more gold to play with, (around 20mill at the moment), I'm looking for a shield with a combination of high block % (25%+, mandatory), and some combination of STR, VIT, Life %, and/or Crit Chance, if you craft one that fits please let me know and we can work out a deal

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