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08/22/2012 04:04 PMPosted by Arphamorias
Blizzard North for life, new team is horrible.

You must not have much of an attention span, because Jay just said some of the new team are straight from Blizz north.

So grats on your inability to read and your epic fail of a comment.

Keeps up the good patches Blizz, can't wait for 1.1!
*slow clap*

*slow clap* indeed.
Could you double the apology... and the communication for that matter?

Do what you want in your personal life man. I don't care. But fix the game, or, at least let us have an idea on what you are looking into fixing and the possible "how"

Also, a lot of good ideas come from your community. You should let people know when they are onto something big.

Finally, give credit where credit is due. If you use an idea, reward the player. At the very least, give them a shout out in a post.
That's a very nice thing you just did, Jay.

I still believe you and your team can make the game more fun to play since Diablo III has so much potential in it.

A little bit about the game in its current state, though the some of the game mechanics had changed significantly from DI and DII days, I can see that the team tried their best to be faithful as possible to the franchise while trying to make profit out of the auction house, which seems perfectly fine to me since the game needs a way to sustain itself (server costs, patches). It's just that there's a lot of room for improvement right now.

I kinda have to agree that 1.04 is a step in the right direction, not because everything about the patch is perfect, but because it shows that the developers still cares about the game and the feedbacks from the players.

Sorry for any grammatical mistake and my bad English. Also, I'm enjoying my WD atm.
Thank you jay

Allthough you didnt have too it was a classy move and underall the hate and drama of all the children here there are some of us that respect all the teams work on diablo3 i am glad to be a part of this great game and look forward tomany more changes and efforts.

Keep up the great work.

Personal opinions are personal opinions. I think at least addressing the issue was needed, and I would of liked an apology as well, but we got both :)

A bit of faith has been restored in Blizzard in my book :)
Truly professional from you. I am very thankfull for the incresing amount of communication from the blizzard side.
The gyst of what you said was fine, but obviously the particular language isn't appropriate in a public environment. What the original poster on that thread said was that he felt like he'd been thrown under the bus. Defending the people who worked to make this game possible, even when they're no longer with the company in this case, is the right thing to do.

It's a bit irritating to have seen some of the reactions of the player base, when in all reality many of us would use a phrase very similar to yours in what we believe is a private conversation. After reading the initial posts, I didn't think you were actually trying to denigrate Dave (who is, after all, an accomplished designer) as much as you were trying to lift up Chris.

Keep up the good work. 1.04 is definitely an improvement, and I've managed to get several people to come back and play. While there's still room for improvement in their eyes, they're having fun again. I think you can rest assured that the D3 community will continue to give you an ample supply of feedback, as I'm sure the employees at Blizzard who play the game do on a daily basis.

As someone who has received his fair share of hostility on the forums, I'm guessing you can truly understand how someone else might have felt reading your comments about them. That was a positive, humble apology. Thanks for taking responsibility for a mistake.
I, for one, accept the appology. For what its worth, we've all lost our cool now and again. Takes some balls to say you're sorry for the out burst. Next time, let us (the forums) stick to cussing out people on the internet :)
LOL. Was not expecting this.

"You deserve more honest communication about the game and what we're doing to make it a more awesome experience for us all."

Yes. This would be appreciated.

Dont listen to the haters too much Jay. While some of what they say is right, most of them are just trolls. You guys made a good game. Alot of what you said here should have been said a long time ago, but now is better than never I suppose.

Keep up the good work!
Really appreciate the apology Jay, you guys are better than that comment made you seem. And for what its worth, 1.04 definitely has put that spice back into the game, where I eagerly look forward to each drop to see if it will improve over what I have. Its nice being able to start *finding* upgrades again, rather than having to hit the auction house for them.
I'm surprised and happy to see you posting on the D3 forums at all; so much enmity around here.

I didn't think this was anything you needed to apologize for, but whatever gets you to step out of the Wilson Cave is fine by me.

EDIT: Forgot to add, I'm currently loving 1.0.4 so far.
Thanks for the apology and all that but man.

If you watch the interview with Brevik you will see that he barely said anything bad about the D3 dev team. Very immature response to a critique, Jay.

And all the stuff you mentioned about your love for Diablo series and how it was your biggest influence...I mean...ughh... Just look at D3 now. It seems like you took nothing important from the original Diablo.

It was nice what you said but I honestly think you're absolutely missing the core of the Diablo series. I am sorry. Believe me, I am.
I was so dirty about Diablo 3 from day 1. Launch issues aside it was fun but lacked appeal and the only longjevity i could forsee was the item grind.

I was disapointed but tried to persevere.

Then came 1.0.4.

If i bought the game after 1.0.4 i would have thought i bought a good game.

So what did i buy? I bought a disapointinig game! A disapointing game which has now become a good game. To me it is now worthy of the Diablo name.

So if i ask my self, what am i most please about in 1.0.4?

The answer is not a more realistic balancing of difficulty in inferno, or the balancing of the co-op scaling, or the interesting Paragon System, but rather the mere fact that the Diablo III team has responded to the majority fans with major changes, gameplay or otherwise. They have created solutions for many problems, probably created some new problems, and have still got some left to address.

1.0.4 adresses the less hardcore players, and im sure future patches will adress the more hardcore. The result is that i know have the confidence that i can see that this game will, overtime become the best god damned ARPG on the market.

A year down the road someone will pick this game up for the first time and say damn this is the best game ive played. They will not understand why we said it was so bad at launch, or why we complained so much about difficulty or ease. But they will have us to thank that by hanging in there, we have helped shape the game that they will be playing for the first time, and in a state of perfection.

P.S. Anyone thinking that this game should be identical to Diablo II need to get with the times. Devlopers must be true to their vision and true to their customers as a whole. We should be confident that Diablo III will bring new kinds of joy to us over time.
Mm... tasty, tasty PR stunts.

Bit chewy, though.

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