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Witch Doctor
08/29/2012 01:58 PMPosted by Austin
Yeah I love blob too. It helped me kill Ghom because he just %#@*d me every time (because of enrage). This is definitely a more fun build than any I played, and its amazing DP

Glad it helped sir! Ya I'll be making more Witch Doctor stuff, also finishing off the rest of the class guides, working on the Demon Hunter guide next!
Demon Hunter Guide is next Wednesday!
Thanks again for the guides!

Are you going to make any more WD guides? Or other 1.04 class guides I should say.

Thanks for the support!! I'm working on the DH 1.0.4 guide at the moment, after I've finished off the class guides ( will be 3/5 on Wednesday and 5/5 within 10 days afterwards ) I'll be making a melee and ranged survival guide, more WD stuff will come for sure as it's my new main.
DH guide tomorrow / Thursday!
Wizard guide is next week followed by the Barbarian!
Wizard guide will be out for Friday 100%
Wizard guide tomorrow!
Wizard guide's out! Barbarian's next!
I really liked the video

I had not tried firebombs in a really long time I went through them all once I stopped using darts and settled on frogs and had been using those for a long time.

I never really got into fire bombs cause it just felt slower on the damage but with so many other spells getting buffed the fire it and forget it aspect of the flash fire rune is nice.

Do you have any compare and contrast of using roll the bones vs flash fire?
It seems like Flash obviously bounces around more, but with how it can just be spammed I wonder if roll the bones is higher damage in less time.

I don't know it, and I don't even know how to really test it expect to just try both for a prolonged time and get a feel for which is better, but I wonder if flash fire is better for something like 4 or more mobs and roll the bones is better for 3 or less or if it's anything like that.

I'd just like to hear what you think about it.

Same with Lob Blobs I really liked the idea of them, but I don't know if they were just slower or what but their damage is great now. I'm glad tried them again.

In general, I have tailored a lot of the build into my game play style.

I was wondering if you knew about how much of a buff soul harvest is on dps vs the flat 30% you can get from big bad voodoo/slam dance.

I know the CD is awful but I've really liked using it again now that the pets can distract the mobs (with the buff) and a slow. It's fun to use it when a group shows up I'd normally have to start studder stepping away from and I'm able to dish out more and not have to retreat at all or not as much. It's also probably because I have never really liked running into a group to SH and retreat. I'm sure SH is more efficient and smaller CD makes it better for farming.

I am just curious what the difference is between the two as far as the DPS goes.

Thanks for the info
09/16/2012 11:38 AMPosted by Ryum
I was wondering if you knew about how much of a buff soul harvest is on dps vs the flat 30% you can get from big bad voodoo/slam dance.

Slam Dance is only up for 1 Elite pack every min or so :( So the overall DPS loss of the constant Soul Harvest Damage isn't worth it in the slightest. You need to remember 80% of your time is spent clearing trash, it's better to have your dps increased constantly than a huge increase once and a while.

I've been using Ghost Bomb on Fire Bomb lately, the aoe DPS is insane, it clears any trash pack in seconds and is extremely effective against Elite packs :0
I much prefer the GI/GF passives to not only buff yourself, but also heal yourself back up, re-gain mana and lower the CDs on your... CDs! Just need radius pick up and a spammable aoe spell like Zombie bears. Have you tried any similar spec like that before Osk? (just my build, many people are using a similar build by now).

In any case, always enjoyed your videos. Looking forward to your future vids!
09/18/2012 03:54 PMPosted by Wootytooty
I much prefer the GI/GF

I'm using both in my build at the moment with 30 yard pickup radius, making a short video on the weekend going over this build as it's the most efficient by a mile, you can constantly spirit walk around the map :D
Infernal machine guide out now!
Patch 1.0.5 content soon!
+1 for fellow WD!
10/06/2012 01:46 PMPosted by nyker
+1 for fellow WD!

+1 for the support!
Check it out!
Check it out if you haven't!
Check it out if you haven't!
Still here if you haven't seen it!

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