Witch Doctor - Patch 1.0.4 Updated Guide

Witch Doctor
Where is the 1.05 guide? am i missing something?
Hello TryHard,

thx for your hard work. All of my friends and me included are watching your d3 class guides.

i hope the next class guide will be for the witch doctor.

it'll be great if you test my build too. i know witch doctor is (the ONLY) class with truly different builds. there will be (in my op.) no cookiecutter build. i have different builds for mp4 (which i farm for xp and magic find), for mp 6 - 7 for keys and ueberbosses.
everything over 7 i'll find too inefficient. Hope you make a gear section for the specific build too.

GF/GI Build, Bears, Acid Rain, Pet Guide and so on. me and my friends are looking forward to it.

thx in advance.
thx for your guides.

plz check my profile (europe).

i find my skills good für ueberbosses and mp7+!!!

hope you test it or at least give a comment

thx in advance

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