VOTE: Will Guild Wars 2 make you quit Diablo?

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1. Is Guild Wars your type of game?
2. If yes, did you buy or will you buy Guild Wars 2? (If no, is there another game that will make you quit D3?)
3. If you did or will buy Guild Wars 2, will you continue to play D3?

For me:

1. It's totaly my type of game
2. I bought Guild Wars 2 yesterday and will start to play as soon as servers goes up
3. I'll probably quit Diablo 3 for Guild Wars 2.

Lets here you people!!

Have a nice day!!
08/24/2012 11:17 AMPosted by DeadRu
Nope. I'll stick with D3, and buy the mop release of wow. BtW Gw2 is not even a zit on WoW's behind.

Stated like the true blizzard brain-washed lackey you are.
YES. if only i could upgrade my pc :(
Apples and Oranges
no. Garbage MMO = Garbage MMO = Garbage MMO

I don't play garbage MMOs
its not coz of guild wars peeps already quit coz they dint like this game...
Guild wars dont have to do anything with it...
This game is doomed
Dont post about gw2 here u make jay sad
D3 im tired of mmo games.
08/24/2012 11:19 AMPosted by Gladius
Apples and Oranges

This. I don't care for MMO
Doesn't GW2 have a forum for you to play on? Trolling is a pathetic cry for attention.
No. I bought the GW2 Collector's Edition, so I'll definitely be playing though. I also bought the MoP Collector's Edition, so I'll be playing that as well. It's going to be a good month.

(Looking forward to Torchlight 2 as well)
D3 made me quit Diablo.
Can't afford any more games. Have just enough for MOP and between that and the new and upcoming changes to D3, I am all set.
Let's vote how many people will look ridiculous when their servers have occasional issues too.

Anet never proved to me that they knew how to make a great MMO. I played GW's on and off for many years. The game was fun but I always quit after only a month or two. PvP was a disaster and they stabbed everyone in the back by never addressing it. They seemed more interested in nickel-and-diming the players for "costume" upgrades and stash space than actually making PvP work.

Anet lost my business a long time ago. Never again.
1. Yes
2. Yes, bought it when they first offered the pre-sale.
3. I'll still play diablo, just not nearly as much.

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