VOTE: Will Guild Wars 2 make you quit Diablo?

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ps i hate blizzard and am not brainwashed by a godamn thing they do or say.
but i !@#$ing HATE targeting and the combat system in gw.
diablo controls are perfect
No. So far playing both. Did cancel wow sub but that is meaning less as I come and go from wow as I feel.
First day I wasn't that into GW2, I came home today and played D3 for 1.5 hours. Crap drops, levelled to paragon 12, didn't feel like I accomplished anything.

Logged into GW2 and had fun for 5 hours straight. I think GW2 will phase out my D3 playing.
I was watching Kripp's stream, GW2 looks like crap TBH. Even pandas look more appealing than that game.
1. Is Guild Wars your type of game?


2. If yes, did you buy or will you buy Guild Wars 2?


3. will you continue to play D3?

GW2 didn't make me quit D3. I had already quit. If D3 improves enough, I can come back. Not expecting it to, but who knows?

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