Life regen/LOH tank monk build feedback

First off, the gear I have on my monk is very cheap, I would say <2m for the whole set, I've been doing act 3 inferno and I seem to be able to kill packs and elites very easily (able to withstand ghom without moving)

I am using a combination of LOH and Life regen and a low hp high armor/resist tank build. There is plenty of room for improvements on my gear, I know. I would like some feedback on this build and it's viability in late act 3 and act 4 inferno. Thanks a lot

PS: No MF and no crit/crit damage/atk speed, I personally wouldn't use monks as farmers or DPS chars.
08/27/2012 09:07 AMPosted by Davis
PS: No MF and no crit/crit damage/atk speed, I personally wouldn't use monks as farmers or DPS chars.

My build is pretty similar except I can't claim to be able to face tank Ghom (I can still kick his !@# though).

My gear may be a bit more expensive but I started off with a VERY cheap (300k total) set of gear and was able to handle Mahgda runs quite efficiently.

My suggestion to you is, if you aren't gonna go for either crit/dmg or attack speed, you aren't going to have any reasonable amount of damage. I'm currently sitting at a comfortable 18.5k hp, ~2500 life per second, 958 resists, ~7.4k armor (with mantra), and 55% dodge (with mantra). I am still able to maintain 30.5% crit chance and ~220% crit damage with that, allowing me to use SW:Cyclone effectively. My damage is at about 27k unbuffed.

Why do you have these biases against crit/crit dmg/attack speed? If you want to up your damage and still retain your tankyness as a monk those are your best options.

Skill-wise, I think you should replace MoH with MoE:Hard Target. Once you're at like ~2k life per second, you really don't need MoH's regen, so I'm assuming you're only using it for the resist buff. You might be surprised to find that the armor and dodge granted by MoE:HT can far outweigh the resist bonus of MoH:ToN. Other than that though your skills look good.
Look for a shield with better block %, I think that will help your tanking the most.

Also as someone else mentioned, MoE: Hard Target I think will help more than MoH.

Lastly, I think even with that much resist / regen you're still going to have some trouble towards the end of Act 4 because your DPS is so low. Killing Morlu Incinerators and Mallet Lords are going to be a huge pain in the !@#, and they can hit hard enough to one or two shot you even with 900+ all res so you life regen won't really help.
Thanks guys for the feedback, I think it's time to dish out some $$$ towards my monk... I've been neglecting her and this build recently cuz it's not for farming.
I can farm act 3 with my crap MF gear that I paid maybe a few million for, if that. Monks can farm pretty efficiently but not with 12k DPS. Don't hate just because your build can't farm.
So I'm trying out a Survival Build (Basically a Tank) For a Monk, which sounds like the above posting.

Stats are all rounded (dont' care for exact numbers here)
Roughly 2350 Life Regen
27k Hp, 10500 Armor (with the 50% Armor for 4 seconds main attack skill)
Dex 1500, Vit 1000 Roughly
0 Life Per Hit, 17% Crit Chance. 35% dodge, 1100 Resistance
skysplitter axe (has 600 hp regen on it lol), and shield (for armor really)
The weirdest part of the build: Life Per Spirit Used: currently sitting at 91.5 (with 62 from passive). I'm testing it out and trying to afford a better weapon/helm to boost that value to 150+

Now the crazy part is in the skill choice, I don't know if you guys agree. As a survivalist, the point is just sustaining all that damage, while only pumping out like 20-25k Damage (very boring I know lol)

1: Serenity with Heal
2: Sweeping wind 3 spirit at full
3: Seven Sided Strike (optional, could replace with a summonable with spirit 2% chance, but the point of this slot is to unload spirt as an alternative WITH High Cooldown, I'll explain)
4: Breath of Heaven Heal with +15% damage (I don't find the other extras help overtime as much)

Left Click
1. Deadly Reach with 50% armor for 4 seconds (this is crazy good and horrible for damage)

2. MANTRA of FRIGN Evasion (Hard Target for armor): HAHA! I don't know if pros do this, I just had the idea.

So the whole goal of this build is to just survive right? Well if I could get my Life per Spirt used up to 150, with mantra being as expensive as 50 spirit to cast, that would be:

150x50 = 7500, opposed to my current: 4575. At 7500, that's an instantly, repeatable Heal right there, instead of waiting for serenity and Breath of Heaven to come back. Now your extra skills, namely (above listed) SKILL # 2 & 3 should be ones helping your spirit regen towards your main atk spirit regen, but I find I'm almost always full of spirit that Seven Sided Strike seemed as a great alternative once in a while to Ev. Mantra (and it still heals a lot).

Also, the point of the spammable Mantra, is that you get those 3 Seconds of Extra Evasion (brings me up to roughly 53% Dodge then back to 45%. While not amazing, when your in a tough fight (where you actually need to heal very often), you'd be using your right click mantra roughly ever 5-6 Seconds with your Spirit Meter nearly almost full each time.

With 2350 Life regen, you don't always even need to use heal, but you have right there a right click heal, with your other skills counting as Heals too.

Sorry for the long blab, I'm new to this and just got back into Diablo (and I've never been Pro, like ever). Hope you guys found this interesting.
i'm a bit of an LPS tank, but i've maintained over 100k dps too. with my non-hellfire ring on , i gain about another 14k dps too

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