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09/05/2012 11:46 AMPosted by Gravesdigger
Speed your the man, thanks for the run, I found it, Yes sir I got my precious with 30 experience too!!! I would of never found it without your help, and I thank you sir! I found it in the Oasis, with only 24 base MF.

Awesome find. How many hours did you farm for it? What type of mob dropped it?
took 4 days with 3-4 hours per day, and got it from a snake like creature, i forget their name, just put it on auction house, hope to sell it and upgrade my bow and finally beat this game, lol
After the initial 40+ hours I've been revisiting the runs once or twice a day hoping to find it eventually. While revisiting today A ring dropped... from a Treasure Goblin. Manald Heal. So frustrating. I painstakingly avoided places where Manald might drop just so I wouldn't get one by mistake, and of course the Goblin screws me LOL. Oh well. Maybe next time.
Not sure if this was posted before .
But here is a video i made on how to farm this faster with a monk.

I did this just twice :) all i wanted to show was the tempest rush mechanic but you may find the tips good in your farming for this ring.

I had 0 legendary drops in inferno act 3 since 1.0.4 so I tried my luck in normal act 2 for leoric's. had 6 crap normal legends in 2 day. 3 dropped in 1 hour. no leorics still
I farmed 2 of these babys, a 29% i sold, and a 30% i kept....just gotta keep pluggin away. Spent 8 hrs farming for it on my DH for the first one, after i got it i switched up to my monk, and successfully farmed another one in 10 hours. I will admit that although my luck was poorer, the monk was faster than my DH, and they both had capped MF + follower + NV, so it was no loss to switch.

Also, for those scrubs that are just doing adria's runs, STOP DOING THEM, Start at a3, part 2 and take the road to alcanus waypoint, that way you have a couple stax to start ur sewers runs, and go all the way to desolate sands and Cave of the betrayer + VotA. I found my first ring in the cave of the betrayer off a rockworm. The second ring i found in the dalgur oasis off a goblin, so don't limit yourself to just one tiny part of the act, this ring can drop just about anywhere item level 13-14 loot can drop.
I do a signet run each night but I have mainly gone back to Inferno. (Got my Barb to Act 4 last night).

I was farming act 1 the other day, whirling down the staircase of Leoric's Manor killing cultists by the dozen. When I ran back up the stairs I nearly passed a legendary RING. The word was projected half on the railing and really hard to see!

It was so subtle that I wonder if I have missed them before. Hopefully they do add so more grand attention grabber for legendary drops.

Anyway, it was an Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac. Other than 89 resist all its stats are completely terrible. There are 20+ pages of them on the GAH selling for 100k or so.


Not the legendary ring I've been hoping for.
I have been trying to get this ring today, streamed every second of it, did not find it.
My Run: [Adrea Run]
Act 2 - unexpected allies
100 Runs!
completion time: 2:34:53
my MF without NV: 204%
Usual NV per run: 2 (max)
sometimes a Shrine of fortitude

part 1 of this run:

(two parts cz my internet gone down in this farm run)

part 2

Just my advice:
I do not recommend doing the Adrea run. It gets really really boring and after 100 runs no legenadries dropped.
Since this Tread got me some good Informations, i will give something back:

I have been "farming" this Ring for 4 Days now and spend roughly 35 Hours on it,

I found 1 Signet in Oasis from a Snake Champ, i had 5 Stacks of NV and about max MF.

However i also found 2 Manalds in Oasis, 1 from the unique Snake at the Bridge and one from a Fallen Shaman Champpack ( so i guess it is rly about the creature lvl 20+ and you most likly get Manald).

Here is my suggestion of a "Run"

( get 24-25 +Movment / easy to get from +12 Boots and the cheap legendary amulet +12 ) take the Quest Realm of Shadows, go to Vota and get the Vota Checkpoint. Start in Vota get 5 Stacks and Town Portal ( should take 1 1/2 min ), next do Road to Alcarnus for the 1-2 Champs, Sewers of Caldeum, Then from Way to Oasis WP go in the other sewers for 1 Champpack, then search Oasis for the Tombs and Forgotten ruins. Townportal back, take to Outpost WP and look for the Ruins on the 3 Spawnpoints clear them and you are done ! ( on a sorc with teleport/Wormholes and with escaperune armor this run takes 13-15 Minutes )

Gl & Hf
1. quick 5 stacks in VoTA
2. Sewers of Caldeum
3. ruined cistern
4. Then - Dughlar Oasis (*looking for the tomb*, and whatever snakes you find along the way)

honestly over a week of farming 6-7 hr shifts, everything from quest 2 to quest 8, and finding every other unique. except the one i want very depressing, im praying everyone finds em and the market floods and i can snag one for cheap, tired of this farming !@#$. tired of the game.
I added Goldfind equipment & pickuprange to my Signet Setup, with around 175% GF (unbuffed) and 14 PuR i get around 100k per Hour, so if i farm 40 Hours for Signet it is not a total waste of Time yay ;) . I gues with max Gf 170k per Hour are possible which is not great , but quite ok.
Yeah I did the same, I just wish I did it much earlier. I didnt think it was going to take this long to find one, im now on my 6th day and i've 18 legends including 2 manalds. I got a manald in the ruins 2 from a guardian tower and from a champ pack in vota getting my quick 5.

I've also been picking up blues until my inventory is full and when I portal I unload real quick and move on. So between gold find and that, i've made about 10mil.
Thx hXc, i added picking up blues to my runs (handy with the little merchant girl so near). Nets me another 20k per hour and i think the timeloss is tolerable.

Also i do pickup all rare amuletts and rare rings and after i got like ten of them i identify em and put the +Xp ones & socketed on the Gold auktion house ( they net 50k and sell real fast on eu, maybe 80k with socket + Xp on the same ring/amulett).
I also open every chest simply against boredom ;)

Well it now feels almost like those nightmare goldruns i did in early june, still far from perfect but when you find the signet it should beat every other gf run conserning revenues :) , only paragon leveling is off...

also thx, for the manalds headsup, even more reason to focus on lvl 19-17 creeps.
I've put in 30 hours into trying to get this ring with no avail. I've been mostly doing VotA-Sewers-TheRuins-Oasis. I have 15 other legendaries but no Leoric's Signets :(

*Edit* Running 289% MF and 19% MS from gear.
Same, yesterday ive played for straight 12 hours doing:
-Road to Alcarnus
-Ruined Cistern > Oasis
-rinse and repeat...

Nothing yet, il be sure to post up if it ever drops.
9 random legendaries found so far.
Been farming this on/off for about 4-5 days now. Doing same runs as everyone else. 5NV, 326MF, possibly close to 16 legendaries total found including 1 Menald. This ring definitely seems like it's one of the rarest on the loot tables.
Got my third manald today...this game is a joke, I get every legendary in this act with plenty of doubles, have 3 manalds now with zero signet. Why would a level 14 ring in normal be so rare? Once this thing drops im going to sell it on RMAH the uninstall, these runs have absolutely made me hate this game.
Ok just after I post that the ring drops...lol

it dropped in ruined cistern off a snake elite pack, only 24% roll but whatever
haha the Game heard your Warning ;) grtz
I now switch between those runs and paragonleveling ( just signet runs is too boring to bear )
Not only are they dreadfully boring but then you think you got it 3 times and its a damn manald, every time I felt a piece of my soul dying lol

Good luck man hope you get it soon.

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