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I just bought diablo II for mac from battle.net and when I click on the installer it says "powerpc applications are no longer supported". What can I do?

I know this forum is for Diablo III but where can I get support for Diablo II? I just bought it today, so there should be some kind of customer support right?
You need 10.6.8 or OLDER to run diablo 2 on mac, PPC apps are not supported in 10.7 or 10.8.

alternatively, you can setup a virtual machine or boot camp with windows to play instead.
Sorry to open such an old thread but is there any chance of an update for D2 to be able to work on newer macs? I REALLY don't want to go installing windows/parallels on my mac.. I have mac for a reason.. windows sucks! Bit shocking this game is pretty much dead to me just because I have a newer version OS.
There is always the slim possibility that Blizzard will update SC/BW and D2 to Universal binaries, but right now there are no plans to do so. The clients would need to be updated to work with a newer OpenGL specification as well as ensuring that they are Gatekeeper ready, and that isn't a simple flick of the switch in XCode.

So it could happen, but for now it isn't very likely. Your best alternatives are those MysticalOS provided.
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PowerPC applications are no longer supported. then why sell the game for mac if its not supported?
10/02/2014 01:09 PMPosted by Nubcherrypie
PowerPC applications are no longer supported. then why sell the game for mac if its not supported?

Because they are still easy to play. all intel macs can both run windows and still easily setup 10.6.8 or a 10.6.8 VM. Both which would still allow app to run. It just won't work conventionally anymore out of box on 10.7 or higher without said work arounds. Not ideal but very doable. also the versions they sell are hybrid disks so they aren't left in stores for mac users so much as windows users who can still play them out of box.
I got D2 (haven't tried starcraft yet) working with Playonmac works good easy to set up no need for extra VM it works the same way that getting d3 and the like working on linux intact made by the "playonlinux" people give it a shot should be an easy google search for it

Edit: OFC you will have to download and install the WINDOWS version of d2 for this to work. POM uses WINE to get the software to work so far that is the best option that i have seen to get it to work. Looking forward to starting a new guy on HC on my long flight overseas

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