Mark Legendary drop in the mini-map plz

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I thought this issue will be addressed together with potions etc.
The item label for legendary is just too damn dark and the sound is not noticeable amid so much screaming from the freaking corrupted angels.

Worse, so often the items were dropped outside visual range !!!
Edit add: and how can I forget, this happens a lot in Public Games, your teammates kill monsters so often out of your visual range just by an inch. You don't want to be the selfish guy who keeps slowing down the team by going back and forth, do you? You must have found this kind of teammates annoying. Bear in mind the D3 maps are much larger compared to D2 and the visual range is relatively shorter in D3, given the same resolution.

Also, occasionally there are just too many junks stacked together, you simply won't be able to see some items unless you pick up the junks first. But how do I know there are items hidden if I can't see them..and people, you don't pick up junks.

I nearly left a legendary item on the ground more than once and only to pick it up completely by accident because I had to run corpse or got lost -_-#. I wonder how many more I missed.

First, this improvement is not asking to nerf monsters or to change anything that actually affect key game mechanisms. This is just like something that helps with the efficiency like the addition of 6 affixes search in AH, it's just improving efficiency, nothing else.
Secondly, I think players will get excited by the special effects triggered by legendary drop, similar to how players respond to the visuals from leveling up, encouraging players to play more - isn't that what you game developers wanted :p

Just make the legendary item drop more obvious plz...I'm not suggesting to change the type of colour just make it more obvious or some special effect on drop or mark it on mini-map.
Of course we all love D2 unique items' color.

Please make the legendary item label colour more obvious, or, MARK THE LEGENDARY DROP IN THE MINI-MAP

Many huge thanks...

Please help by bumping or discuss and don't forget to Request Sticky :) Thx

Edit: Read the post before making yourself a laughing stock by 'teaching' us to Hold Alt because so far whoever said so have amazing profile page
Wheres the like button.....
From all the spam clicking every item that drops for me I would have noticed a different item color. But I didn't know I had actually picked up a legendary until I looked in my inventory.

I was like 'whaaa?'
The colors are fine on my screen.

Lots of factors:-
1. monitor color differs from one another
2. resolution issues
3. people who are color blind
4. some people play without sound

I think instead of leaving for Blizz to decide, I think they should make it customizable. So that we can change to whatever colour that we can see it properly.

If not allow option to always display text for legendary items.
Sound is not noticeable at all when there are mobs screaming, getting hit and 'I'm seriously wounded' not to mention D3 is not a FPS game you can't possibly focus all the time.

Even if the colour is fine, what about items dropped outside visual range? I'm a ww barb monsters die behind me all the time and guess at least for DH the hungering arrow with split arrows also kills targets outside visual range often.
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Legendary items should pulse on the ground like a raver having a stroke.
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Easier solution, give me an option to make it to where i dont even see grey/white items.
AGREE, almost missed one today from a chest.
Yes please,

Let item show up as their color on mini-map. least yellows and oranges, Blues might get a bit cluttered. I've almost missed a few legendary drops like this myself, cause it was barley off screen, and lucky i moved that way.
The game hasn't been up long enough since the patch for most of us to have to worry about missing a legendary drop ...
i want to make it so that i could change the colour of my in fame cursor as well.
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08/24/2012 03:59 AMPosted by Practitioner
Whats not hard to see though is your virginity...

This kind of remark just screams out, "I'm an idiot that adds no benefit to society."
*your bot can't pick up legendaries because the background is also brown
fix'd that for ya.
Incredible idea!

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