Mark Legendary drop in the mini-map plz

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Legendaries should go straight into our inventory without having to pick them up!
Great idea. Just mini-map though, I like the color.

Great exactly so it is "because, even though it benefits everyone, but it benefits him more than me so I don't want it to benefit everyone even including me"?
So just because other people want this more than you want to ruin others' day...ok I got it...Meeeh you kind exist in every corner of life even in gaming - -

It wouldn't benefit me. I can see all the loot that drops on my screen. I'm not 2 screens away when it drops. Why let the rich get richer?

Oh dear now I know why you don't want it, is it because you don't have any legendary item drop and you are jealous.. Awww you poor thing...

From your gears page I can see there's a reason why your drop is so crap and it will still be crap even if you switch to the called OP WW barb build,
1 - your dps/survivability is bad for A3/4 and most importantly,
2 - I won't tell you.

Also can you please explain to me why allowing the rich to get richer is wrong politically morally or philosophically

To other ppl reading: sorry I just need to have some fun when bumping the thread
they should change the legendary color to HOT PINK!
actually this would be a nice thing to add.

For instance in co-op games where your walking behind/are in town when an elite gets killed. Or other situations where mobs get killed ofscreen.

Seeing them in them show up in the minimap would be cool.
Should only work on rares/plans/legendaries though.
Yes the legendary color can blend with a lot of background objects. instead of making it dark orange, make the damn things bright orange
completely agree!
Funny how gems are easier to notice (that annoying noise everytime one drops -_-) and they are practically worthless.
There's no viable like button? Wait this isn't facebook? Oh there isn't hundreds of petitions for a 'dislike button' or anything either, huh... I think my computer must be broken because I can't see the petition for a 'this sucks' button either. Hmm, looks like blizzard might need to add another sub-forum or two...

All kidding aside I agree completely. Especially for those who play ranged classes or the ever popular double tornado barb, it can be a hassle.

Anyway, I'm about to start a 'petition blizzard for a like button, dislike button, and this sucks button, and bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips button' page. Who's with me!?

Actually, there is a Like and a Dislike Button. When you mouse over a post (and is logged on forum) you will se they.
make a DISTINCT loud sound and sparkle the ground that it drops when er level up. Solved :)
can we get a blue to post on this great idea <3
well your idea might have merit id like to point out that posting in all caps is against the forums code of conduct and you should edit your threads title to lowercase please
Make the screen pulse gold, if we can get a red strobe light for bad stuff why not a gold one for the good.
08/24/2012 03:52 AMPosted by Biggerbelly
Just make the thing more obvious plz...I nearly left a legendary item on the ground more than once and only to pick it up completely by accident because I had to running corpse or got lost -_-#. I wonder how many more I missed

Lol this is so, so true.

I dont know what you're talking about, respectfully. I use the option key and see all things.
it should have the effect of level up, or our character should say something like "Hey, That's a Legendary item!"
08/24/2012 04:03 AMPosted by Probability
Legendary items should pulse on the ground like a raver having a stroke.


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