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I don't get it,ones a hack and slash ARPG(a poor one at that) the other is a MMO,why are these two games getting compared?
Because part of the people that were dissapointed or tired of D3 went to GW2. Because of the timing of the launch. Because they appeal to the same kind of gamers.

I agree - and most GW2 players do, that there is no sense in comparing the games, since WoW vs GW2 or D3 vs Torchlight 2 would have more meaning.

But you can compare the two on two dimensions : the fun you have while playing (subjective, I know), and the difference in the devs attitude - D3 is "We know better than you what is fun" while GW2 "your way of playing it is the right way. Do what you please and you will progress anyway"
08/30/2012 06:40 AMPosted by Maegglin
Do what you please and you will progress anyway

Thats what sells. Thats what made minecraft a winner game.
08/30/2012 08:20 AMPosted by Gypsy
there is just no comparison because some aspects are specifically designed for an ARPG and others for an MMO. Different genres.

On the other hand, Diablo III is not a classic ARPG, but borrows many things from MMOS (cooldown timers, enrage timers, etc.) Perhaps if D3 had been a true APRG, and not a hybrid MMO/ARPG, things would have turned out better.

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