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TL;DR: This post is a compilation of constructive, concise, direct feedback for the developers to read in order to see the communities view on specific things they encounter regularly in their game sessions. If you'd like for the developers to see the list(s) of feedback, please Like and Request Sticky this post. Thanks!

First off, let me say that I feel the developers of this game did an amazing job in quite a few areas, as improvements to the systems of Diablo II - which in being the predecessor of this title is where many of us draw correlations, and oftentimes, complaints.

As Jay Wilson himself stated in his recent apology post,

08/22/2012 04:00 PMPosted by Jay Wilson
Sales mean nothing if the game doesn’t live on in all of our hearts, and standing by our games is what Blizzard does.

So, in standing behind the game, I wanted to make a community post where the developers could come to see player-driven feedback, critiques, ideas, and suggestions. Player-driven feedback is their best way to improve the game, so it falls on us to help them see the flaws we experience on a regular basis in our game sessions. Please be concise, direct, and constructive in your feedback.

I've updated my main list to include that of players who have given feedback via this thread. Instead of crediting every individual player throughout the list, I've included credits to all the contributors at the bottom of the post.

Note: I've moved all the links out of the main thread, and posted them into several reply threads at the end of the post. The idea behind this was to: give each link its own, unbroken link; credit the author of each one, respectively; and to clean up the main post. Thank you all for your input, feedback, and support!


- Add in a small amount of gold and/or experience points for Achievements
- Add in more achievements
- Give unique rewards for completing achievements
[IDEA]: Once you complete a full list of class achievements, you unlock something cosmetically cool to set your character apart from others of your class.

- Expand amount of viewable buffs
- More buff timers (i.e. Leap [Iron Impact], Teleport [Safe Passage], etc)
- Refresh reminders
[IDEA]: Reminder could be as simple as the spell flashing upon wearing off
- Nephalem Valor stacks permeate through Act changes
- Nephalem Valor does not drop via skill changes
[IDEA]: Perhaps as a compromise, you lose one stack (instead of all five)
- Show follower and companion buff timers

- Character renaming (since our BattleTag is for community, names are for us)
- Primary stat secondary bonus is increased for primary class
Note: This isn't to unbalance the game, but to give us a bit more use out of our primary stat.
- Increased base-leveling and paragon-leveling stats
- Follower aggression control
[IDEA]: Add a stamina bar similar to the one in Diablo II, granting various bonuses via stat choice: Dexterity grants movement speed; Intelligence grants reduced stamina consumption; Strength grants faster stamina regeneration; Vitality grants additional stamina.
Note: This idea gives the off-stats additional functionality and utility when selecting gear.
- Level-up fullscreen glow with text able to be set to toast window
Note: This is mostly a matter of preference; while some people would prefer the grand chorus, some others would prefer a soft orchestra - and with the option to toast, instead, the ability to set the duration in Options menu would be quite nice, as well.

Classes / Skills
- Add an option to keep a stored list of preferred builds for automatic change-ups
Note: Possibly put a brief cooldown on this, and disallow during combat.
Demon Hunter
- Additional pet duration and utility
- Ferrets prioritize gold over monsters
Note: As it is, the community seems to agree that their use should be primarily gold.
- Reiteration of Monk passives, altering those that are less used to be more viable
Witch Doctor
- Buff Toad of Hugeness to make it more viable
- Buff Angry Chicken to make it more viable
- Buff Sacrifice, giving it a feel more similar to its predecessor, Corpse Explosion
- Increase Snake to the Face to a 50% chance, like Thrown Hammer

Artisans - Blacksmith
- Give the Blacksmith more uses
[IDEA]: Legendary Proc: Very small chance to proc a similar item level, item type Legendary in the place of the rare item.
Note: This idea would promote crafting as a goldsink in terms of possibility of profit.
[IDEA]: Add Socket: This was a great idea in Diablo II because it allowed for customization in so many ways. Adding this option as a one-time character quest opens up a lot of possibilities for gearing choices.
Note: The practical applications of this are limited, but substantial. This is also a recurring theme for something the community wishes to see happen.
[IDEA]: Item upgrading (similar to Diablo II) so that lower-level legendary, set, and rare items can have a little more potential for having a use at max level - lot would have to be involved, but base idea is just moving through the armor / dps ranks.
[IDEA]: Allow the Blacksmith to take a few rare items of the same iLvl and roll the same item type again (i.e. You put in three pairs of iLvl 63 gloves, roll a new pair of iLvl 63 gloves).
Note: This helps to curb the oversaturation of the market.
[IDEA]: Item engraving: Players place their item into the box and type in a new name for their item. Cost would be factored both by Item Level and by Item Rarity.
[IDEA]: Allow a white item to be procured by the player for crafting purposes. The item keeps its small benefits (if any) and reduces the amount of gold cost to craft the item based on how many affixes the item crafted gains: 4-affix: 75% discount, 5-affix: 50% discount, 6-affix: 25% discount.
[EXAMPLE]: You approach the blacksmith wishing to craft a Dread Shield. The shield you have, a Superior Dread Shield already has a 13% Armor bonus. The crafting fee for any of the Dread Shields drops by the appropriate amount. Upon item creation, the Armor bonus remains. If more than one white item is in the inventory, the player is prompted to choose which one.
[IDEA]: Premonition: When crafting an item, a single gem type can be procured by the crafter in order to predetermine one said factor of the stat roll.
[EXAMPLE]: I wish to craft an Exalted Grand Dread Shield. I have a Radiant Square Ruby. By choosing to use this Ruby along with the typical crafting mats, I get a guaranteed Strength stat roll above the Ruby's amount, in this case +42.
Note: This would give us a little choice when rolling items - and not much at that, but also help control the oversaturated gem market, as well.

Artisans - Jewelcrafter
- Give the Jewelcrafter more uses
- Make jewelcrafting recipes yellow.
- Create all option added

- Sell and Salvage options in Inventory, possibly via Blacksmith somehow
- User-defined Inventory Sort function
- Allow movement of Inventory items across all characters in the AH panel
- Increased stash via two additional, purchasable tabs
- Automatic switch of potion type if current potion type reaches zero
Note: This is assuming you have multiple types of potions in your Inventory.
- Additional expandable inventory pouch that holds all gems, tomes, pages, and potions
Note: This helps solve the issues surrounding adding additional socketable items.

- Add additional monster affixes
- Additional white mobs in each pack
- Purple mobs drop one additional rare when at five stacks of Nephalem Valor
- Mob patrols
Note: We all know that things can't go bump in the night sitting still... ^_^
- Scaled monster pack size based on difficulty, possibly as another RNG roll
Note: It would be epic and, more notably, fun to run into a 100-pack of common zombies.
- Treasure Goblin affixes for spiced up Goblinhunting
- Endless wave mode: Each wave progressed is of increasing reward.
Note: This is something a lot of people have mentioned and asked for. Personally, I also believe this type of mode could lead to a richer, more entertaining multiplayer experience.
- Monster respawning
Note: This would facilitate the itemhunt greatly, allowing us to farm an extended period of time without losing our Nephalem Valor buff.

- More randomized maps, including size, shape, and content
- More random dungeons, including level range, size, shape, and content
- Additional areas and content designed around geared characters
- Open world option added

- More focus on story and character development via additional sidequests
- Sidequest rewards more significant
- More innovative quest rewards
- Full Act clear substantial reward implemented
- Quest Pop-up window changed to Toast window, duration able to be set in Options menu

- Treasure Goblins & Resplendent Chests need improved
[IDEA]: Allow them to drop an additional, extra rare if you have five Nephalem Valor stacks
- Up droprates of 6-affix i63 items to a more reasonable, casual grind
- Up droprates of crafting patterns
- Make Inferno iLvLs more appropriate to Inferno

General Itemization
- Dyeing of Legendary and Set items
- More affixes added that cater to specific builds
- Buff existing affixes that are not commonly used
- Option to not see white / grey items
- Text-based reminder (tooltip, note, etc) of what color an item is currently dyed
- Potions that buff specific skills
- New and innovative one-time-use items, including: buff-type elixirs; extra damage grenade-like items; cosmetic enhancements; etc.
- Add Item Type under Item Name
- Increase vendor value of all items slightly
- Allow the random vendors throughout the world to have a small chance on good loot for sale
- Specific sound and visual aid for Legendary item drops
Note: This seems like a recurring trend - people not seeing their legendary items could be as, if not more, important as their droprates. ^_^
Class-specific Itemization
- Class-specific items always roll primary stats
- Class-specific items have a greater ability to roll primary stats at higher levels

AH Controls
- Reset Search Parameters button for the AH for search parameters.
- Option to compare items
- Access to the AH while in the Act towns
Note: In promotion of the Nephalem Valor buff, this idea does allow players to keep it going while completing an entire Act while checking item prices.
- Saved Searches list (aka Item-tracker).
Note: This is so we don't have to put gold down on an item to track it.
- Ability to search for Source / Mojos by damage
- Ability to tab between affix minimums when searching
- Ability to clear non-winning bid list
- Movement of primary stats to the top of the affix menus
- Ability to use the mouse wheel to scroll through affix menus
- Ability to type in affix menu to get to what you're searching for quicker
[EXAMPLE]: I want to search for Vitality. I click into an affix Menu and hit "V" and can click on Vitality from there.
- Ability to use gold from a previous bid towards the buyout price
Note: Currently you have to provide the entire buyout price in order to buy the item, even if you are highest bidder on the same item. Then you get your refund.
- Gold directly returned to available funds
Note: Currently if you are outbid on an item, the gold goes to your completed items list and then you have to transfer it to your stash. This step seems clunky and unneeded. In addition, it takes up precious seconds when at that critical last step of the bidding war.

UI Controls
- Coloring of items can be hard to see based on different factors
[IDEA]: Allow users to define their own coloring for item rarities and types.
- Chat functions updated, particularly: font size, text background opacity, text color
- Option to see drops in chat
- Session Total callout: Kills, time played, XP earned, items acquired breakdown, gold earned, etc.
- Character name display on mouseover
- Fix graphical errors, screen tearing, etc.
- Additional zoom function
- Zoom out function for additional field viewing
- Option to turn off screen-shaking
- Ability to clear Recent Player list
- Actual damage on skill tooltips based on current gear
- Option to toggle sidescreen red glow when health is low
- Option to toggle visual display of pickup radius
- More advanced stat monitoring systems
Note: A lot of players would like to have additional options to check various stats, such a proc coefficients. A lot of these "hidden" parts of the game are relevant to active players.

- More community aspects of being in-game
- Competitions of different sorts to create longevity
- Social Lobbies with private lobby support

Game Creation, Checkpoints, and Waypoints
- Always start games in town
- More checkpoints for faster re-engage after death
[IDEA]: Banners used as checkpoints when playing solo - to avoid the sometimes long time it can take to re-engage in combat.
- Utilization of waypoints regardless of Quest chosen
Note: It seems redundant to see "<Character Name> has found <random> waypoint!" over and over again - what was the point in even finding it?
- More fluent Resume Game function
Note: Sometimes when you Resume Game, your quest is reset to a much further degree than other quests. Add in additional checkpoints for more fluent resuming of quests.

- Game creation and naming reinstitued
- Multiplayer bonuses including XP, gold, and item drop increases
Note: The preceding two suggestions are to bring multiplayer back to the standards that Diablo II had given us, and to promote it as a greater way to adventure.
- Unique Multiplayer events
- Brief Immunity when teleporting to someone's banner, in case you come in at an intense time
Note: There could be a background timer on this of ~5 minutes or so in order to avoid exploits.

Gameplay Fluidity
- Option to turn off Cinematics
- Instant door opening
- Instant identification of items
- Identify all function added
- Instant crafting
- Removal of resurrection timers
[IDEA]: Mass salvaging option. Double-check upon clicking, then salvages entirety of salvageable Inventory. Basically allows us to go through what we've found, stash what we want to keep, and salvage the rest. Keeps the fluidity fast-paced.
- Hit box reiteration in regards to latency
Note: Not only is it agitating to die from a mob hit 15 yards away, but it is also agitating to appear to be hitting something - and there only be air there a moment later.
- Walking over a health globe at full health leaves the globe on the ground
Note: In multiplayer, or when having a pet or follower, it is used until everyone is at full health.

- Continued storyline for depth, including sidequest events for added Nephalem flavor
Note: The idea would be that we are a part of the history of Sanctuary, not just itemhunters.
- Put in an additional stat roll that is purely for flavor
- Give an ambiance similar to previous titles
- Use of more correlating Diablo music/ theme.
- Allow players options to change the glow of their weapon
- Sigils able to be engraved into character's armor, for added customization
[IDEA]: Allow item art models to be transferred from one item to another. Cost: Item you want your item to look like plus gold. Amounts would be based on current items' iLvL and Rarity.
Note: This helps clean up an oversaturated market, as well.

Other Ideas
[IDEA]: Implement a Synergy system
[IDEA]: Add in sockets for skills. Changing skills destroys gem.
[IDEA]: Add in perks for every 10 Paragon levels you gain.
[IDEA]: Reinstitute the Ladder system, including Ladder-only items.
[IDEA]: Make Trading Only games
Note: This would help players to have an outlet other than the Auction Houses.
[IDEA]: Transfer of skill bonuses to other items and an added cap to how much the skill can be benefited. This could cost a great deal of mats, and even have a limited number of uses per character (so you don't waste them).
Note: I think the idea of specific numbers of awesome uses (like imbue, socket, etc) was one area that fostered replayability in Diablo II.
[EXAMPLE]: Take a belt with "Frenzy damage increased by 9%" and transfer it onto a weapon. The receiving item would have to have a stat slot available (i.e. If six is max, would have to be five or less). Then a total Frenzy damage increase cap of ~25% could be instituted. This promotes build diversity, uses up materials and gold, and gives more choice to players overall.

- Request Sticky button able to be used for constructive threads
Note: This is mostly a joke based upon how many people have asked for this thread to be sticky, but Vaeflare stated that it "isn't the type of thread that would be stickied". Not sure what kind of thread would be, but ... anyway...
Class Changes
- Continued updates as to when and how classes will change, especially regarding item-trending
- Continued work on updates for the community in regards to downtime
Note: This has definitely improved recently, and for that we thank you. ^_^

Expansion Possibilities
- Bring back guest monsters, to help break up monotony


Thanks so much to Jay Wilson and the Development team for making Diablo III. It truly is a great game - and I hope posts like this help make it live on in legend so that speaking its name means hushed tones and sending pregnant wives out of town - because let's face it, that is pretty epic. ^_^



Credits: Gorrfang, Seeders, Nicko2580, SinOsiris, Inferno, prmtcharname, steveman0, Boon, SalParadise, Raw, happiness42, Mandulis, Bedlam, Lodmot, Morainesedai, rancidgnome, DatAxe, Icerzxs. Tuftronic, Themightyone, ArcanumBuxum, Fantomex, Stuart, Varyah, robocup30, Archiphres, lordofut, Epicaris, SARTOR, SKORPIQN, GERM, Beast, Kajuan, Joren, Bleash, FalconGK81, TkETz231, moonside, Chalud, Gatsby, Vrkhyz, Varyah, AGENTA, DMage, Tuna, donkSTRIKER, pichapiegal, Steve, Paganblade, cr14mson, eric0095, Colric, iCutYourFace, Taryaki, Jinx, Forgotten, Obliteron, Helephino, Phatdiamond, Rot, Coins, Mugatu, Kazekhan, Drothvader, Undiesman, Shirou, jaysomniac, Helmarolyn, Infamous0ne, Vagus, and Rocco.

I'll keep updating this list of critiques, suggestions, ideas, and feedback to the developers as it comes in. To keep it concise, I'll be paraphrasing some of the responses to most accurately depict what the original author said and adding it to the main post under its most appropriate area.

Please Like and Request Sticky this post. Keep it going!
1)I would like to see more buffs viewable on your screen, Currently you are limited to 5(?) max that show on your screen. If you are using skills that you need to refresh when it's about to end in combat you really need the icon to give you a gauge of when to refresh the skill.

2) allow us to rename our characters. We use the battletag id for identification so our character names are more for ourselves. Hence there should be no restriction on renaming our characters. Allow us to rename our characters in the character selection screen pls.
@Gorrfang: Thanks for your post. Good ideas.

Keep it going, guys! Like, Request Sticky please.


AH based progression is the problem. Game is designed with progression speed dependent on AH, all drops are vendor trash. I have no motivation to grind coin for AH purchases. Real money AH is just a slap in the face, I could spend real money to still be unable to progress the way games are supposed to be played.
@Draxx: Jay and the team of Developers are aware of this:

08/22/2012 04:00 PMPosted by Jay Wilson
The Auction House has also proven to be a big challenge. It adds a lot of power for players to trade and acquire items. Getting a great Monk drop that you can trade for better gear for your Wizard is obviously a great benefit, but it does come with a downside. The Auction House can short circuit the natural pace of item drops, making the game feel less rewarding for some players. This is a problem we recognize. At this point we're not sure of the exact way to fix it, but we’re discussing it constantly, and we believe it's a problem we can overcome.

Thanks for your feedback, Draxx.

Keep it going, everyone.

@Seeders: I think the AH does pose certain issues for a lot of the playerbase, but lack of compelling endgame content is certainly another issue, as well. Thanks for your post!

Keep it going. Please Like and Request Sticky so this can be seen by the Development team and they can use it in their discussions and progression.


@Katai: I imagine the AHs will be a very large part of critiques from the community, but they need a place they can go to read it, so go for it. Some sort of "I Don't Use the AH" buff would be interesting, but it would be a very hard thing to put into action I'd imagine.

Keep it going guys.



Good thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6397720436?page=1

My post in it:

- Possibly a change to the way primaries are rolled. Making them roll within a higher range depending on ilvl would make more items viable.
- More affixes that are geared towards skills. "+ 3 seconds to Rend." "+ 5% damage to Archon" etc etc etc. Could be anything really. Things which promote a build around that skill.
- More defensive affixes. "Half Freeze Duration." "Immune to Fire." "Immune to Knockback" etc etc etc
- Fixed Legendary stats, making them the best items in the game. This makes the extremely rare drop rate make sense.
- Or, if not, then a big buff to drop rates with current Legendaries as even if you do find one, it's likely to roll crap stats.

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