Barb, Stuck in place cant move cant die, tp

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So this keeps happening over and over. some people are saying it is a revenge bug but i dont know. It thought it was a bug with desecration but it just happened to me again while fighting white mobs.

basicly what happens is, iam fighting a hard group of things, my char gets rooted into place, i cannot attack use MOST skills, cast tp, move, or do anything over then pot and leave game. if i were to die to a mob, my char will stay at 0 and regen its life back. i am forced to leave the game when this happens and it ruins MF runs that i am doing with friends. Totally ruins the game when you play for an hour, get 5 stacks and you are force to leave due to some stupid bug thats been happening now for a long time. happened me too twice in 2 hours. So pissed i just turned the game off. only seen it happen to barbs atm.

Also the act 3 bird mobs, normal or elites can glitch out and you cant kill them.
Same thing happens to my monk, my character also disappears. It's happened 4 times in the last 2 nights, uploading a video momentarily.
Nice, this is a video of kind of what happens. i cant pick up items or use skills when it happens to me though. its almost the same as a DC.
Basically same thing. Here's my example:

edit: the shaking is me trying to move
I've lost hardcore monk on inferno due to this bug. One day ago I stuck in textures same way, then figured out that Seven-Sided Strike removes bug.
So when I stuck in elite pack I wasn't able to move or to do anything, and when hp went to 0, I accidentally use Seven-Sided Strike with TP-glyph. Now I'm dead. Before that I get achievement to dodge 15 attacks, at 0 hp.

Any chance to retrieve my char???
Happens to me on Barb also...twice now...very irritating.
I really wish they'd fix this, it is so annoying.

The frequency of this bug (which has been in game always) has been multiplied ten fold + since 1.0.4.

I had hoped that would get it fixed, or at least acknowledged as it has been bug reported repeatedly. But sadly no.
I've had this various times over the last few weeks, but twice tonight in the last hour farming act 3. Extremely irritating. Two times in under an hour is what led me to search for the problem here.
I don't know if it's a connection issue as I can leave game and everything's fine.
Not sure if it's a server communication error that's the fault of connection settings, I am far from an expert when it comes to connection settings et cetera

Rather hesitant to bother playing again tonight as I get my stacks up and this happens...*sigh*
Same thing happens to my monk I cant die and I cant move cant attack
and losing all my stacks in act 3 an 4 is horrible. And to make matters worse i am a tank so when it happens everyone else dies also. please help
Furious Charge is the problem for Barbarians.
(I don't know for Monk but certainly a sort of this kind).
Yeah it has happened to me twice and I was really ticked off because I had gotten 5 stacks or was progressing through azmo quest (no check point at heart of the damned level).
Bumping this thread; the same damn thing is happening to me daily. I'm actually in game with the bug happening right now, just alt-tabbed because you cannot die (despite being at 0 life).

It's already all been described by the OP and others, but I'll stress that it's extremely inconvenient with losing the NV buff (as the only cure is to leave the game). The frequency has indeed increased with the 1.0.4 patch as well.
Happened again tonight. Just killed the heart of sin and then started fighting a blue mob and you know the rest. Someone please fix or at least acknowledge this in the known bug section.
Happened again in the Fields of slaughter.
This happened to my barb 5 times today...and after getting 5 NV is very very frustrating...
This has happened to me every night last week, its very annoying, this time it happened just before Azmodan, was killing the last mobs and then boom, I was at full health and then suddenly a glich and then game over,

Any reply from Blizzard on this?
Bump in hopes a blue will reply to this bug that has been reported in several different threads.
Bump still not fixed...
Vasaden, D3's bug forum moderator has at least laid eyes on this issue. I can't tell if that gives me comfort knowing he's aware of it or infuriates me that there's been absolutely no communication about this super annoying issue for softcore and super game breaking issue for hardcore.

Check it out:

Edit: I found this thread by searching Vasaden's posts and discovered it is the only post he's ever made on one of the billion threads on this issue, and it was written an entire month ago!! There's just no excuse!

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