Fire damage spells

I was trying to make a FrostFire build yesterday using both conflagration and cold-blooded as mandatory passives and this was what I realised:

Is it just me or are fire skills getting alot of unfair treatment?

From what I know, the only spells dealing fire damage are Fire bolts, Meteor, Runeless hydra, Mammoth hydra and Sparkflint. This adds up to about only 7 abilities.

Frost damage sources has 5 effective runes just from Ray of Frost, Comet meteor, Frozen mist from Frost Nova, 5 effective runes from blizzard, 3 runes from Ice armour and a very strong frost hydra. That is 16 unique abilities. More than twice that of fire damage spells.

Comparing conflagration and cold-blooded, the former amps all damage by 10% for 3 seconds while the latter amps all damage by 20% as long as the target is chilled. 20% versus 10%. And when you think about it, both conflag and cold-blooded are sort of a "status-inflicting" damage amp mechanic, meaning when using this build it is essential to keep a maximum "uptime" of both "debuffs" (chilled and conflag) to guarantee maximum effect.

Knowing this, think about how easy it is to keep enemies chilled rather than burned. Simple Blizzard with either Stark Winter or Snowbound can easily achieve this on a large number of mobs. Frost hydra is the recent star of this show, with a higher damage potential. Sleet storm also does this easily for melee mages. Then let's look at conflagration. Which skills can easily provide the burning debuff? Firebolts have too little range, albeit strong damage, but it is still easily outshined by the basic Ray of Frost. Meteors deal a ton of damage but their low accuracy spells trouble when trying to use them to maintain a debuff uptime. Meteor Shower could do it, but the AP cost just doesn't cut it for a once every 3 second thing. Runeless hydra is actually the most effective, but it seems to have been friendzoned by Blizz in the recent patch and even though it can provide the debuff at a decent rate, its lower than average damage output just doesn't justify the skill slot. Mammoth hydra hits too slow and is useless anywhere but linear narrow corridors. And I realized that the !@#$%^- hydra sometimes can't hit behind itself. After throwing down a river of flame, mobs went to the opposite side of the direction to which the flame river fell and the hydra just stood there, not attacking. Sparkflint is the burn-inflicting spell with the longest range, but too bad it has really lousy attack speed and can only hit one enemy at a time, making aoe inflicting impossible.

And remember, it's only a 10% damage amp for 3 seconds.

Thus I gave up making the FrostFire build, but I am curious to know if anyone has managed to use conflagration as their core build and have had success(without having such overpowering dps that you one/two-hit everything regardless of skill build)
I feel the same good sir, I don't think you're alone on this one.

I mean, signature spell has TWO (nearly) pure lightning abilities, but not one cold one? And not something like fireball? What the heck? I'd trade wave of force for something useful and fire related any day, or perhaps Impactful Blades for "molten blades" because let's be serious, the 20 yards doesn't do a god damn thing; you're either face tanking melee and keeping nova up with crit or you're not, this is a useless rune for the level you get it at.

And really, it doesn't make sense that we have a venom hydra... it's one of 2 poison skills on the wizard... don't get me wrong, I love the venom hydra... but it just doesn't really fit. It seems like something the WD should have. I don't know what I'd replace it with I guess... maybe a normal fire hydra with lower damage, but you could summon two at once? That would be pretty damn gnarly.
I tried fire damage recently. Its amazing, but when I check around in the forum, I realize I miss out allot by using fire. Cold has soooo much more and better effects and skills. Not that I'll want cold to be nerf, since you will need a cold scoundrel to make it better.

I checked on Chantodo's Will which my friend found, guess what.

Those "Add 3-5% fire damage" affix in gears ACTUALLY ADDED LESS DAMAGE TO THE WEAPON THAT HAS FIRE DAMAGE, and you need a full black weapon to use it's full potential.

Where's their common sense T.T
Hm OP mentioned some spell called fire bolts do we really have spell called that?
I use Fire Boltz, not that all should, I'm just weird like that. I just prefer the point blank dmg when I get Vortexed into mobs. Honestly, the casting anime is perty goofy, but like some mentioned, Conflag actually works well if you build for it...pretty nice LoH returns from 3-Boltz at 152% dmg apiece. Was first using Blizzard/Fire Boltz for RD Mobs, but now realize how much better Comet is with Boltz. I roll MP3, but do a bit higher with Barbs around to tank.
I just really hate anything Vortex or Phase Beasts!
Alright, now you can come in and yell at me Aimless for being so noob-like ; )
They really should have made one of the magic missile runes a splash damage fireball. One of the blizzard runes could have been Firestorm, which I guess is similar to Meteor Shower. Wave of Force rune for a Fire Nova. Conflagration could have added a chance to combust or explode, or put that on an Explosive Blast rune. Disintegrate, Fire Archon, Fire Armor. Many possibilities.

Fire just gets no love... maybe Jay Wilson has a fear of fire or something. Can only hope a pure fire wizard is viable in an xpac or something. For those of us that like themed builds, anyway.
Change Disintegrate damage type to Fire.
Make one of the Arcane Torrent runes Fire based
01/04/2013 04:50 AMPosted by Ruri
Hm OP mentioned some spell called fire bolts do we really have spell called that?

rune for shock pulse
Change Disintegrate damage type to Fire.
Make one of the Arcane Torrent runes Fire based

Make obliteration (arcane orb rune) fire dmg as well!
I love the Arcane Torrent/Obliteration/Magic Missile ideas.
It's a shame the best looking fire spell comes from a goofy looking Storm offense to those that lovem'.
yea they really need to add a spell like fireball that explodes and does some splash dmg, some other fire based dmg spells would be nice, they should add a rune that turns blizzard into rain of fire or something like that.

I just want really just want to be able to the flame alchemist, but most of these current fire spells suck so blizzard please fix this.
They're trying to do against what D2 has succeeded in to differentiate D3 from them. Losing too many players while doing so, that's why they're bringing back a little from D2.
No fire wizards, FROZEN ORB, Single instance of hydra....

See the those unique reduced to what now? The best "upgrade" soj is class specific when in the past almost any class can make good use of them.
disintegrate should have been fire >_<
I completely agree - we need more fire spells. I hope there's something planned for 1.0.7. Would be great to have a proper fireball tbh. Just convert this to D3:

As for Cold Blooded vs Conflagration, I'd like to point out that Conflag gives a party-wide 10% damage increase, while Cold Blooded is restricted to the wizard him/herself. Not that it makes Conflagration super-useful or anything.

Blizz should get rid of Venom Hydra and Poison Magic Weapon, they look out of place. I'd rather have better frost/fire/frostfire representation than scarce poison skills.

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