So how many of you are back from GW2?

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For those that wish to come back after getting a perminant ban:

It references the weapon exploit but it might be worth a try if that wasnt your specific reason for being perma-banned. Perty nice of them to give you a 2nd chance considering they are serious about CoC.
08/30/2012 09:43 AMPosted by Speranza
I just can't stomach another MMO. I'm gonna avoid that genre for a bit.

This sounds about right. I broke out of my Skinner box and I don't plan on returning.

Yeah thats how I am.

I like GW2, but I can't get involved in another MMO. I'm damaged goods.
Been able to play since pre-launch with very few hiccups. Had issues logging in Saturday morning for a few hours, but that's been it. Their Trading Post has had problems, but is coming back online for people since yesterday. Mail system was off and on until yesterday due to exploits Anet was finding.

My guild ran our first dungeon last night, Ascalonian Catacombs. I had a few latency problems, but they went away. Overall, probably one if not the most challenging, engaging, and down right fun PvE experiences I've had in an MMO. I've played WoW, FFxi, and LotRO.
Almost got the game but my friends still haven't gotten their accounts back after they were locked for "being gold sellers" lol. They probably should have used completely new emails and user/pass info to reduce the chance of being hacked but it is what it is.

I just dont feel like spending 60 bucks to play for a week then get banned for buying something from a vendor then selling it, naming my char wrong (not obscene of course), or because some jerk off stole a list of usernames from an unrelated site and got lucky.

One nice thing is that since all i'd play gw2 for is the pvp, I have Rift installed which provides plenty of pvp action with the new conquest battles so the urge to buy gw2 is a little less intense lol.

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