Advice on IAS vs. CC and CD?

Demon Hunter
So right now my DH is sitting at around 77k DPS without SS, with 2037 dex, 38.5 crit chance, and 310% critical hit damage. The only IAS I have is 15% from the quiver. I'm currently using a 2h crossbow (1.10 aps), and I'm trying to decide between that and a fairly comparable 2h bow (1.4 aps).

I've gone ahead and farmed Act III Inferno with both and they seem pretty close. I feel more mobile with the higher attack speed on the 2h bow, but the 2h crossbow I have increases my damage by about 8k and I can still farm just as effectively, it just feels sort of cumbersome, though since I'm not stopping to shoot as often, I suspect the slower animation speed of the crossbow sort of evens out with the bow.

Should I try to get some more IAS or should I just continue to focus on crit damage? I can stutter-step pretty well, and can match my rate of fire with the 2h 1.4 bow, though the slower stutter-stepping of the crossbow gives my wrist a bit of a rest.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!
It depends on your play style. Since you're using 2h bow I suggest adding in more ias to increase the mobility and trigger the crit chance more effectively as your crit dam comes mostly from primary attack. Xbow is for heavily crit based skill like impale, your primary attack are slow hence kiting is not very effective, especially against fast elites, you need impale to quickly end the battle.

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