Optimal resistance rating for Inferno

For a Barbarian, what's the best rating for physical and all other resistances?
depends purely on your dps. the higher it is, the less resist you will need. I think the MINIMUM though..is probably something like 300..which is what I have.
I've found that +400 AR before any warcry buff seems to be ideal for me
Thanks all!
300 - 399 for Act 1
400 - 699 Act 2
750 - 850 Act 3 / 4
~7000 armor

That's how I usually handle it with Warcry + Impunity. It's really hard to not get the minimum resistances for Act 1 though and with the way Rend + Bloodlust is now cray-cray, survival in general is much easier while you pick up more gear.

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