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I have question about Rondal &Marta Talking at "ACT 3-3 THE BREACHED KEEP".
- I would ask if you're all right, but I know better.

- That was hardly an ambush anyway. Do you remember when the barbarians tried the same thing, thirty years ago?

- Hah! They tried to steal you away, didn't they? I was frantic until they brought you back two hours later, with an apology.

- I simply reasoned with him. Garma still sends me a bundle of hides sometimes, you know. He was the nicest kidnapper I ever met.
1. "barbarian" is the "Barbarian"? or just like bandit?
2. why they back Mart with apology.
3. Who is Garma.

Please tell me if you know. :)
1. He was a barbarian, but not the famous Diablo 2 barbarian.
2. It was a joke.
3. Garma is the barbarian that kidnapped her.

I think the implication is that she convinced him to let her go by having sex with him.

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