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Like a lot of other people, I was hoping for a more substantial overhaul of the crafted legendaries in 1.0.4. I purchased Ruinstoke and Robes of the Rydraelm and a bunch of brimstone in anticipation - not because I planned on flipping the plans for a profit or to craft the items for sale, but because it seemed like a good way to finally get a great wand and chest armor, since my luck in those departments was terrible. Then 1.0.4 hit, and it seems only the Hallowed Armament plans were improved (I've heard some plans in fact got worse), and most were entirely unchanged.

With gold inflation rampant, I was really expecting a substantial improvement to the crafted legendaries, even if the cost was raised considerably. I wouldn't mind putting in 500k plus 5-10 brimstone plus a ton of rare iridescent tears to craft a good item. But as it is, it's more profitable to craft rare 6-prop items over the current legendaries, because they're saddled with bad stats, not improved by guaranteed good ones.

The question I keep wondering about is whether this was a change that just didn't make it into 1.0.4 in time, or if it's just the way things are. The plan prices and materials are in absolute freefall value-wise... A week ago they were selling at around 50-100m, which is about the going price of a good legendary. Today Ruinstoke is at 5m and still falling. Brimstone is doing similar things, and even the exquisite essences have fallen by 30-40%. I'm really hoping we'll see some changes to legendary crafting (something I believe the economy sorely needs - a viable goldsink other than repairs), and that we'll see it before 1.1. Is there any chance we'll see that?

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