Error 3006

Mac Technical Support
When I decide to log on after putting password and authentification key.
Error 3006 came out and says that they got problem to retreive my hero.

How could it be fixed or are you already on the case ?
im having the same problem
i'm having the same issue as well....
It's weird because I can eard the little sound of when someone whisper you when its trying to load the hero list and after error 3006 cam out again ...
I think I've gotten more error drops from Diablo 3 than I have rare/legendaries.
Same thing is happening to me. I'm 'stuck switching heroes'. and also stuck and error at retrieving heroes.
Same issue. Was working fine last night, then they did a couple server restarts, now I cant log in this morning.
So I haven't played in over 10 days because I got sick of the initializing error. Now I get on and this? Blizz, you guys seriously suck. This is pitiful. First off, the game isn't even as good as D2, then on top of that, I can never play it because you always have something wrong. I don't know if it has to do with your Mac programming team, or the fact that as a company, you've gone downhill in your new generation of games. I about ready to quit if this doesn't get fixed soon.
Here's a million dollar question..

How can I have an issue with retrieving my hero list when I only have ONE CHARACTER????
There's no list.... there's just one character. Can't play, which kind of defeats the purpose of having the game in the 1st place.
I hope Blizzard goes bankrupt because of this game... They should not be allowed to make any more games. Sell your company to someone that cares enough about their customers to fix this. Haven't even made a character and still getting this error message. Wish I could return this game... Instead, I am going to shoot it with AR-15, stab it with my Kabar knife, and then burn it...
sad but this still happens... lol


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