Graphic lag after 1.0.4 patch / FPS DROPS

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Blizzard posted a blue post about this 3 months ago, but they still cannot fix it.
BUMP! Can't play the game!
Bumped and requested sticky,

Please do the same for my thread.
Signing this.
Pre 1.0.3 was so-so, few areas lagged but it was alright. 1.0.3 fixed all those issues, and I was happy, and then trainwreck after 1.0.4.

I am running i5 760, 4gb ram, Windows 7 32 bit, Nvidia GTS 450.

Before this I could run highest all but shadows, post I can change whatever I want, once it starts spiking it's over for me. Interesting that cpu usage doesn't go over 60% and I got 1.5 gb of ram unused. My hdd is fragmented and has 600gb empty, power supply can handle everything, I double checked. GPU temperature under MSI kombustor max stress test is 80 degrees highest, around 75 average.

I didn't try other acts, just act 3, and it mostly happens when other people join. I rarely play alone, and there is less bad, but once someone joins it's just horrendeous. From 5 to 31 fps (indeed weird, I have nothing limiting it to 30. It's set on 60, nvidia vsync set to application controlled) bouncing randomly, slowing down and then going fast forward, and so on.

Also note that I put all of Nvidia settings to either application controlled or to match Diablo 3 ones, to avoid any conflict they could possibly have. And turned off sound.

What helped other people in some other topics was changing Physx to cpu instead of gpu. I tried both cpu and gpu and nothing happened, so I reverted to auto.

I hope some of this info helps blizzard to fix, and if it requires more information to try and make a link between options/configuration.

Edit: Are there, and if there are, did anyone try nvidia beta drivers?
^ I'm currently on the newest released nvidia beta driver,

Didn't help, I have the same Video card as you as well.

When I'm playing alone my fps never drops below 60, no matter what settings, but as soon as I co-op it's a head on head train wreck with a 747 crashing as well! And I prefer to Co-Op with friends rather than solo.
game worked perfectly before patch 1.04 now its unplayable no matter what settings i use. would be nice if blizzard at least acknowledged the issue.
fps drops from 50 to 5-2 fps... its so sad that this game is unplayable for me :( of course other games with higher requirements work much better
The game seems to be using an unusual amount of ram and swap for some reason. I have 3 times the recommended specs to play this game, it shouldn't be using so much memory.
I have an Asus G74x
Intel core duo processor I7 - 2670QM cpu 2.20 ghz
8.00 GB ram
Nvidia geforce 560m GTX

Have been playing fine since release, noticed it in 1.0.3 and now it's really bad in the newest patch...
I've checked the temps and it doesn't seem too hot, I'm not sure I could be wrong, sitting around 76 degrees.
Same here.

Last few days i always get spikes: i just got a few fps! Most while elite fights.
Sometimes also the complete game freezes, and the only possibility is to end the process... annoying if you have 5 nv.
Makes no fun to play with these disadvantages...

i7, 8 gb Ram, Gforce 540M (2Gb), 800 GB free space on HDD, Nvidia driver: 301.42
No answer yet blizz?
Would really love to play the game I bought... on my top of the line computer jesus christ.
same crap with me
played fine till around 1.3 then same frame lock drop happened every time there was a vortext / illusionist and i couldnt go near butcher , would have to restart the game cause of fps kill

then one night after maint it worked fine ...

till a couple nights ago

cannot walk into the crater in act 3 , fps drops to under 10 aver have to relog , and cannot run into any vortex / teleport or illusion .... fps drops from 50 to 7 and thats it wont fix game over

what ever was broken around 1.3 that you had to fix you broke it again ~~~~~~
Sam with me here. All was fine before 1.0.4, now in Act3 I get 20 FPS standing in town. While I can still technically "play" i find my self dying all of the time because I can't move around correctly. Picking up items is practically impossible...

wtf happened? The changes they made to make people's mac performance better obvious screwed our PC stuff up.

+1 sticky
Getting worse by the day, I'll play with my friend and it literally freezes up every couple mobs. If there's anything effects on the screen it will freeze and lag. This is complete crap, I have an awesome computer that runs every other game flawlessy, then diablo on low settings can't even run properly?
Fix this crap now. we've been waiting long enough when we shouldn't even have to deal with this in the first place!
This should be a non-issue.

Why were you modifying it in the first place if it was working before? If it ain't broke (probably was the only thing not broken) don't fix it.
I've been having this same issue since the 1.04 patch on both my PC and my Mac.
I've invested a lot into the hardware to be able to play PC games so you'd think I would be able to play the game in the 120+fps glory with everything on high that I was used to but 20fps with constant stutter is what I'm getting.

I'm sure they know and they're working on it but really, it can't take this long to fix. They have our money and just like with COD, we have to stop giving them that money until they learn to take our concerns seriously. Meanwhile, they're busy taking percentages from their RMAH (the D3 dev team must have consulted with Zynga).

PC: Intel i5 2500K, 8GB RAM, Radeon HD 6970 2GB
Mac: Intel i7 3720QM, 8GB RAM, GeForce 650M 1GB

Adjusted D3Prefs (vsync, triplebuffering, hardware class, etc.) - issue persists
Reinstalled AMD Drivers - issue persists
Adjusted Catalyst Control Center profile for Diablo3.exe - issue persists
Overclocked my CPU from 3.3GHz to 4.2GHZ - issue persists
Overclocked my GPU from 880/1375 to 950/1450 - issue persists
No Anti-anything installed or background programs running.
Same issue here. Just after 1.0.4 my 2gig GTX 560, i7, and 8 gigs of ram dont seem to work with diablo anymore.

come on blizz pull your finger out
wtf, no update on this still???
Blizzard is taking a dump on us all.
Simply amazing they don't do anything about this.

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