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Hey guys I have a problem and was just wondering if you guys have had a problem like this before.

I just bought 100m gold on the rmah, and it appears that the payment has processed and I have payed for it, but the gold is not appearing in my completed stash. Has this happened to any of you/did it end up getting resolved?
some auctions get under review by blizzard, which usually takes about one day (max 72h). So I think you will have your gold by tomorrow
The same thing happened to me with 10m gold, order id #839130141
Yeah..I definitely payed it and I waited for the order to turn from Proccessing to "purchased 100000000 buyout" and its not in my completed stash
I also am having the same with mine did 2 1 for 20 million and another for 3 million. It went from Proccessing showing the red ! to purchased never showed up in the completed items. the same day I bought 1 million and it went through with no gliches. I put in a ticket and got a responce quicker then I thought I would stating that they have been montioring the AH and everything is working as it should and I should post here in the Bug reporting forms.Ticket # 30121096 bought the gold on the 26th yesterday so it has only been 1 day, but the AH isn't working as it should or I would have gotten my gold.
had a similar problem. I purchased 12 million gold on 8-23-2012 at 9:59am for $19.20 USD and it went into review. Stayed in review for 48 hours then after a scheduled maintenance it shows as completed but the 12 million gold is not in the completed auctions tab. I opened a ticket and their customer support advised me to wait up to 72 hours for delivery. It has been over 100 hours and counting and still i have not received my gold. First response was that Blizzard customer service can not help players with delivery issues of items purchased on the RMAH. Second response was to wait up to 5 days for delivery of payment for auctions and 48 hours for delivery of items purchased. Do their reps even read your question before responding to it. I stated twice that it had been in excess of 72 hours. They act like the are not responsible but i do not see how. I purchased an item through their website. They processed my credit card, took my money then failed to deliver the product. I am going to just call them and try to straighten this out. If they will not resolve this to my satisfaction then i will call the credit card company and refuse the charges. Either way this is the last time i purchase anything via the RMAH. Blizzards customer service has to be some of the worst in the industry.
I would like a Blue to respond to this and PLEASE tell me when I am going to get my 23 million in gold that I paid for it says it was completed but never showed up in the completed item tab.
The money is back in my paypal and the transaction in their system shows canceled by blizzard. the AH still shows it as completed.
I have the same problem with gem and ring I buy.
It appears I'm not alone. rmah is a joke. Isn't it illegal to sell items and gold in good faith and take the money from your acct. and NOT deliver? Why is the money transaction taking place BEFORE delivery? I feel violated! Normally I wouldn't mind that but I don't like paying for it.
I bought 20 million gold with a pre paid credit card on august 28th and I havent recieved it nor have i recieved compensation
08/28/2012 09:33 AMPosted by Bustycrabs
It appears I'm not alone. rmah is a joke. Isn't it illegal to sell items and gold in good faith and take the money from your acct. and NOT deliver? Why is the money transaction taking place BEFORE delivery? I feel violated! Normally I wouldn't mind that but I don't like paying for it.

What this technically means is that if blizzard is just taking the money and not paying out then it is technically fraud which is a very serious offense, that is if this not paying out thing isn't indeed a bug
Just becareful.... you might get banned as I did. I was banned due to some weird reason (thanks blizzard)

I sold item in RMAH, gave Blizzard a buck, then I bought gold with it, and voila my account is gone. I'm banned
no ive been waiting for a week so far and i still have not received the gold i bought...
There should REALLY be a damn Blue post here. IMO if you pay money for something of Blizzards and it isnt given to you Blizzard should do everything in their power to fix that problem as soon as they can. Once again I gotta say I am extremely unsatisfied with Blizzards "Customer Service".
Same Here I bought 25mil like 5 days ago and havent received my purchase althougt the status of the transaction says "Purchased" i had contacted customer support and they do nothing at all.
Today, I purchased 200,000,000 gold. The transaction went through, as in stating it was "purchased", yet no gold was delivered. After talking with an individual on the live chat service, I was informed that it can actually be 3 days before they have to deliver so that they can "run verification checks". Yet, they already took my money. This is illegal. After I expressed my displeasure with their response - this was sent to me via the ticket system:

Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment and alerting me to your issue regarding The Diablo Auction house!

I understand it is frustrating to work hard for something and then for it to just be gone, Right now we have noticed some delay in items coming back from the auction house and we are looking into it but right now all items eventually make it to the players inventory.

Regrettably Diablo III support is not able to provide restorations for lost gold or items in the gold auction house because we cannot alter followers, artisans, or achievements. If something cannot be recovered using in-game systems, it is usually permanently lost, however, software glitches and bugs can occasionally happen so if you encounter one of these bugs, please report it using the Diablo III Bug Report Forum.

Submissions posted there not only have the benefit of allowing a community discussion around high-impact bugs, which can occasionally help in prioritizing them, but they also go straight to the people who can fix it! If you want to check on a bug, we also keep a list of known active issues at the top of that forum that all players can see.

Should you require further assistance, please click the Need More Help button and we will attempt to further resolve your issue. If you do not need any further assistance with this issue, clicking Message Read will close out this ticket for you. We hope you continue to enjoy your experience in World of Warcraft!

For more information on restorations in Diablo III, see our support article: <>

Thank you for your continued correspondence in regards to your account and for respecting our position.

My response was as follows:

Your response is not only a fine example of an automated response, but also your complete and utter incompetence to even understand the very basics of my issue. I didn't work for something and then have it taken away. You know would know this if you actually listened. I purchased gold from your company in the amount of 200,000,000 gold. The transaction cost me $5.88, of which your company took immediately. YET, THE GOLD WAS NEVER DELIVERED. I DIDN'T RECEIVE WHAT I PAID FOR. IS THIS PLAIN ENOUGH ENGLISH FOR YOU TO COMPREHEND? Don't tell me that it is your company's policy to delay transfer of gold for 3 days while doing "verification checks". That is the most lame, bull!@#$ answer I have ever heard. Are you aware that it is actually illegal to charge people for a service, and then not deliver? Apparently, according to my research, this appears to be a common theme with your company - as evidenced in this post I would suggest that you either deliver the gold that was purchased from order #1747366721 or refund my money TODAY (as in September 19th, 2013). Failure to comply will result in a class action lawsuit against your company. I would suggest you not underestimate the seriousness of your company's illegal actions.

If this company fails to either deliver the gold or my money back, believe me I will be filing a class action lawsuit against Blizzard Entertainment for fraud. I would suggest that if any of you have also experienced this - join me. We need to send a clear message that we will not sit idly by and allow people to steal from us. We will not go quietly into that good night, we will not forget, and we will not stop until we are treated as loyal customers SHOULD BE TREATED.

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