Increases Damage Against Elites by X% BUG

Bug Report
In fact this item stat working ONLY with direct damage abilities

Bug issues: not working with dots (at least not with WD dots)
Tested with haunt, locust swarm, gargantuan (big stinker rune).

The greatest example is poison dart (no rune) : direct damage getting bigger on elites, dot portion of the ability not changing at all... same deal for all dots i have tested, 0 damage increase on elites.

Now, after buying new SoJ - I am quite disappointed (or even mad), because my skill build has 3 dot abilities and this ring basically gives nothing to me

Post here your tests with other classes dot abilities
P.S. Please give us explanation or rather fix it !!!
I can confirm that.
Tested with Acid Rain (with Stone of Jordan). Used Adept Maul with 34-36 damage (very tight range), eliminated all sources of critical chance, thorns etc. Turned on damage numbers display and attacked nightmare elites. Bonus was applied to initial hit, but not to the DoT part.

It's very depressing, because i spent half of my money to buy that ring..
1 post for 2 weeks on major item bug, it seems like all others just ignore REAL numbers and get ring because it adds OMFG 25% damage to elites (whocares how does it work)... wtb blue post here!
Wow thank you OP. you just saved me about 25mil gold. was strongly considering a nice SoJ ring for my locust build and DoT build. am glad i found this bug report thread. will a blue post please acknowledge or respond? it's very depressing. :(
This bug applies to all items with the bonus damage it seems. Magefist, Fragment of Destiny, Burning Axe of Sunakis, SoJ, Schaefer's Hammer and Frostburn Gauntlets.

It affects mostly DoT spells, but also other spells like the various Hydra runes.

One has to wonder how on earth this made it past QA?! This is so elementary to test.
My Rend don't do squat more against ubers too :S. Funny how I kill uber mp7 at least 1 min faster without SoJ but with a bifecta CC/CD ring instead with Rend build.

Folks, bump this thread away, or burn millions on SoJ, tyrael might, unity and assume ignorantly that you just get urself some major break in boss fights.... (like I did T___T)

One has to wonder how on earth this made it past QA?! This is so elementary to test.

hahahahahahah there are still people thinking this game has QA... so cute :')
they have one, apparantly (s)he's on vacation.

they just don't have any programmers. I'll bet acti-blizzard spent all of their programming and creativity budget on economists.

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