Things that happens between the game and IRL

Lore and Story
i was playing one day like another day then my father went close to look at what i was doing... i hit a mob for 666, my father opened his eyes then said; Thats the satan number!! i looked at him then said; satan doesnt give a sht for how much i hit in a game dad relax ;)

RIP to my father tho, pass last feb 2.

doesnt if this is the topic for this, but i wanted to shared it to the blizz fans...

btw blizz i own u a lot, u know?

i did learn english with ur video games (ventrilo and raiding with WoW) lol.

now im making some money with diablo coz im unemploy. saving money to keep paying college.

thanks aswell for making us a part of u.

and this is for the ppl that troll and sht talking... if u dont like the game for any reason, there is ppl that like it, peace is made by ppl that respect others ppl right. easy to blame, but is not easy to make a video game that u can get money out of it, to have some fun with the game while blizz guys r working to make ur gameplay batter...

anyway. glad to be around, cya ;)

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