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09/20/2012 06:17 PMPosted by LordSkeletor
Let's be real here. D3 was touted as 'the fastest selling pc game of all time'. 10 million the first weekend if i remember right. While I agree there will be a certain amount of dropoff. Having a game with that title be this dead this soon should scream 'red flag' at you. You have the numbers. You can't be satisfied with the retention percentage, or if you are then the 'Blizzard standard' has been lowered so much it's not even funny.

It sold that many copies because it was riding the coattails of Diablo 2--_VERY HARD. There were tons of player expectations. And they were HIGH, considering like 10+ years had elapsed since D2 was released. So you'd think that with the advent of processors which are literally bazillions of times faster---and much better graphics cards, cheaper/faster RAM, etc.---you'd have a stunning, visual masterpiece. Yeah...think again.

Then for a moment consider the horrible balance issues, the stupid, non-random affixes for bosses (yes, running into 10 sets of elites that are ALL "reflect damage+health" or "reflect damage + fast" isn't random, no matter what you say), the horrible loot/drops, and the constant nerfing and screwing with peoples' characters---is anybody surprised that there are no players left? Of those 10 MILLION copies sold, how many people....5 months later--and 4 patches--are STILL PLAYING? I hear *crickets* when I login in North America. Crickets.
Nobody is playing. Friends lists usually full of dozens of people are empty as hell. I haven't seen a friend on in weeks.

So to answer your question--why do they keep doing it? Why do they keep nerfing? Simple. If they can cut down the people playing, they can reduce their costs for maintaining a game that nobody is paying a recurring subscription for. If we WERE paying a recurring subscription---you bet your sweet !@# that they would be sitting up and paying attention to all the negativity and all of the players jumping ship. No players = no money. Bottom line: They already have your money. They could care less WHAT YOU THINK. Do the math. 10 million copies x $60.00 per copy (not counting collector's additions)---that's like reaching up to almost a billion damn dollars in sales.

Unfortunately for them---when they come to try to trick us into buying the inevitable expansion, everyone will have this experience FRESH in their minds and likely won't fall for it.
Their sales will be *considerably* less...and they have themselves to thank for it...alienating hordes of fans across the globe.

certainly hope the cost of server maintenance reduction makes up for the astounding number of ex blizzard fanboi's this game and WoW has created. Somehow I think not.
so sad 105 patch notes
maybe time to stop playing
Anyone have any suggestions for fun DH builds? I had a blast with TOC.
09/20/2012 11:32 PMPosted by jefe247
Anyone have any suggestions for fun DH builds? I had a blast with TOC.

yeah. it rhymes with torchlight 2.
It is a shame because although it was powerful it wasn't over powered.

It was fun to plan it just right, you really had to be careful with some Elites depending on their suffixes. It wasn't a spam to win button, it took planning and strategy. So of course it has to go.

I was watching the videos of that dude who got paragon 100 first and he is just spamming with his WW barbarian so I wonder why DH can't keep this ToC build as is, at least until PvP comes out and if it unbalances that then ok, nerf it then.
People should stop complaining and just L2P.
Don't change ToC...
09/20/2012 11:32 PMPosted by jefe247
Anyone have any suggestions for fun DH builds? I had a blast with TOC.
Check my build. ToC has been on my skill bar since it unlocked in 1.01, it will be there in 1.05. BTW, Vault breaks root in 1.05, so Smoke disappeard from my skill bar....
Blizzard's mission statement for Diablo III "To nerf or hotfix whatever that is fun"
Some of the replies are hilarious. But I do see the point here. While I could see some thinking it needs a nerf, taking it down to 300 was probably way too much of an over-reaction.

I sometimes think these adjustments are done like an airplane fallacy. Oh. we're drifting a little to the left, let's yank the steering wheel way to the right to quickly adjust it.

The reason being is that now that it's at 300, it really does drop it from builds of people just playing the game. That brings it down to "let's take this off the palette" territory as other skills end up overwriting its use. Right now, it seems that the idea of a risk vs. reward (closing the distance) game is just not offered to the DH anymore with that patch. Especially since they are very fragile characters.

Perhaps the real answer is something of a compromise between the 2.
-Trail of Cinders is too risky because it can burn through discipline quickly.

-Trail of Cinders now stacks.

Ive been preparing for this nerf and no longer use it.

Its easier then people think. Im not a great geared DH, but i can mow threw A3 mobs now. Even face tank elites with my new set up now. Got some barb friends that die whilst i dont.

Glad i did some skill changing and equipment changing as well. I'm ready for the nerf.
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Didn't the patch notes clearly state the damage was going up to 1500%?
How is that a bug?

OMG...this is awesome - multiple people looked at this, tested it, read it and it still came out this way. It is most definitely NOT bug...it's just that no one at Blizzard knows how to test these skills and balance based on mathematics...
Please if you're nerfing Trail of Cinders which needs to be done, (I understand 1500% over 3 seconds IS a mistake/bug whatever you want to call it) at least leave it at 500% over 3 seconds. 300% is just way too little. 100% per second is not worth thinking about. (And you want build "diversity"?) OR 300% PER second FOR 3 seconds. OR 200% PER second FOR 3 seconds. OR 150% per second for 5 seconds. You say (and I know you have already) your re-designing skills/runes too, well there's nothing stopping you from changing the 3 seconds to 5 seconds or something to get the right balance.

1500% is too big, 300% is too small, that's why I suggest a PER second % if you cant figure out a good number for OVER 3/5 seconds.

Thanks, you just screwed one of my favorite abilities - and one of my BEST ways to kill stuff.
@ Lylirra Based on the feed back you have received, I suggest you do not nerf ToC. Relay this to the people in charge of class balancing. The nerf/ bug fix/ what have you, is not needed. Let them have fun. It's becoming strangely coincidental that everything that is remotely "viable" is being downgraded. I would rather all the classes have viability and build diversity than just the Barbs. I also am leveling a Barb, and I like him. Please, for the sake of us, just let it be. Show your superiors this thread. I know some of us sound like self entitled runts, but the lot of us are fed up with nerfs and ninja nerfs. Please take this into consideration. Perhaps we have a different perspective on what is a nerf and what isn't, but try to see it from our side. We feel like our opinion is constantly being tossed aside in favor of "We know what you want better than you do".
What I find entertaining about this thread is the mindset of people.

If Blizzard flat out said--This was not a nerf and we chose to call it a bug so people would be alright with it. Good chance the complainers would all the sudden believe them and would not call them a liar.

But, if they call is a bug and not intentional (which is what defines it as a bug), than they are called liars. I wonder if some people realize how this is all playing out.

So those who are calling Blizzard liars about this--just ask yourself, if they said what you wanted them to say, would you still be calling them liars so vehemently?
I do, however, understand that if you need to "fix it" then you will, just please do not make it useless. I guess I do understand that 1500% over 3 seconds is too much. I do suggest you listen to one of our many good suggestions, such as that of Snoofo.

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