WTS Guild Wars 2 Account for Gold!

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Looking for a Guild Wars 2 Account and don't want to spend 60 bucks on it?

Here is your chance!

I'm selling my Guild Wars 2 account for diablo gold.

I figure a fair price in gold would be 20-30 mill.

Will also consider possible RMAH trade for it as well.

For gold trade I will require 50% upfront then other 50% after you have control of the account.

Any questions you can post here or contact me ingame at Zavri#1756

Their stance is simple - you cannot buy or sell accounts. So all this is going to do is ensure the buyer is banned. As soon as that account pops up on a new IP address and the authentication email rolls out on it, they'll suspend the account and require ID from the buyer - who of course won't be able to provide any linking him to the account.

Conversely, the idiot trying to sell his account? He can go back at any time and reclaim the account claiming it was "hacked," and the buyer is 100% S.O.L.

A person would have to be incredibly, deeply stupid to consider buying a GW2 account like this.
This guy's account was most likely banned already. 20-30 million D3 gold for a 60 dollar game ? When ANet officially announced they suspended selling new games online to prevent overcrowding ? Sure why not.

He's just trying to make something out of it. And I bet he'll succeed.

Or it could be a veiled and unskilled attempt at bashing ANet. Based on his previous posts though - he's all about business.
That's strange - I got that email several times even though I log from the same place.

Anyways - a warning for potential buyers - ANet is very strict about enforcing rules. Try it at your own risk.
aparently GW2 has no forums lols, but yeah sell that game thats going to get stale well before you get board of this game.

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