The Anomie Scrubbed Out Again DeadPool *PAID*

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DeadPool is over. Payout has occurred.

Since I'm leveling again, I figured this might be fun.

a) Post a level or paragon level
b) The person holding the account of the *first* post that named the level BraveRobin dies at will get 10% of my HC gold at time of death, or 100k HC gold, whichever is larger.
c) Edited posts do not qualify for payout, so once you post a level, do not edit, because I won't count a later unedited post by the same battle tag as an entry, either.
d) I won't payout if someone PK's me, determination of PK at my discretion. I normally solo, and I'd like to think I'm smarter than flagging to whimsy or into a trap, so this shouldn't be an issue, but I don't want people trying to force a win by pk, either.
d) Each account gets one and only one entry.
e) Will not accept additions to the pool. Don't want to manage other people's gold and don't want people to wonder what is up if I have to not play for a while, etc. This is for pure fun and I don't want the potential hassle.
f) '60' counts as 60, paragon 0.
g) You probably want to pick something higher than 11 ;). That's 149 numbers to pick from!
h) There's no entry cost, and thus, please don't complain if I happen to drop 10M into gear and then play like an idiot and die and you end up w/ 100k instead of 1M. This is, of course, assuming I ever accumulate 10M to drop on gear anyway.

Have fun with this, etc.


I am going to track entries in a spreadsheet :

With the change to using the spreadsheet:
Once an entry is on the entries tab, it is locked in and I'll use the sheet rather than the thread. Unedited entries in the thread will still count as an entry if it's not in the sheet (unless it looks like someone saw I died and threw an entry in real quick at that level, of course)
I will put duplicate number/edited/etc entries on the invalid entry tab. If you see your entry there just put up a new, unedited post with your pick.

If a winning pick is somehow invalid at the time of my death (i.e., someone tried cruel and tragic shenanigans - in other words, tried to game the system), I will pay out to someone who didn't. I may choose the next lower level picked or something like that. I will not pay out at all if I get PK'd (It's very hard to ensure that paying out to a different person than the winner, if I get PK'd, is not just someone saying 'Oh, if I PK him now on this other account I didn't enter with, that other guy is the winner, and he'll be invalid due to the PK, so I'll get it!' or something like that). But like I said, I've never actually played w/ more than one player in hardcore other than to give gear or get gear given, or make some gems for someone, etc, so that will most likely not be a problem.

I am considering paying out without actually dying to the person that has the highest pick if at any time I exceed all current picks. Will look at that if it actually happens. If that does happen, and I do decide to pay out and end the pool, I will try to make sure it's more than the minimum 100k payout.

Cheeky and fun shenanigans are welcome at all times. ;)

+++ Note to self - first two inferno packs downed were fire chains/vampiric/fast/knockback & molten/nightmarish/electrified/fire chains +++

+++ Now that 60 is exceeded bare numbers above sixty will be treated as a paragon level +++

+++ Now that I have two 60's and some gold in bank I am raising the payout to a minimum of 500k, or 10% of my total gold, whichever is larger +++
Hope you can make it later but I am going to bet on 53.

Good luck.

(Oh, and when you will be level 53, hit me up, I got this super secret spot I want to show you, you can just teleport on me and you will see all them legendaryz!!!11)
08/31/2012 01:17 PMPosted by KingGloborx
(Oh, and when you will be level 53, hit me up, I got this super secret spot I want to show you, you can just teleport on me and you will see all them legendaryz!!!11)

I meant to add these in but somehow missed them.

A bare number will be treated as a level. If you want to pick a paragon level, explicitly write plvl or paragon or p (like p3, plvl 3, paragon 3).

So right now I have KingGloborx with level 53 and Battle123 with 60 and no paragon levels. (I don't think that's actually wrong but if it is, you guys can let me know - I just wanted to make sure I explicitly said that I will treat a bare number as a level and not a paragon level).

Also, will not pay out for shenanigans around looking to see when I die and posting after I actually died. Hopefully enough people will pick numbers beforehand that by the time I'm dead this is not an issue.
brb, creating 160 account to ensure a win.

Haha, no, I'm bidding on level 53 and not paragon 53, all is good in my case. Again, I hope you make it farther.

That is where my poor monk Spanky went at, he needs company ;)
Paragon level 4.
I'm gonna say 59!! :D

Like the above poster, I hope you'd go further than what I guessed too, but hey who turns down free gold? lol
gah, did not mean to delete. Thought the '160 accounts' comment was funny :)
I'd go with 57... thts wher I lost my first 2 hc chars :D
Edit: nevermind.
Level 47
Level 59.
level 58
Made a Google Docs spreadsheet :

If your entry is on the Entries tab it is in and locked. If your entry is on the Invalid Entries tab, pick another number.
60 (5)
Hmm I probably should have looked at your profile first.. Oh well , My bet of level 60 and Para 5 is still there though..

Seems to be the longshot bet atm..

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