Dodge Barbs

Anyone else make use of War Cry - Veteran's Warning?

I was having surviveability issues so I switched from Impunity to Veteran's Warning and from Animosity to Superstition and I will never go back! With Wrath up I'm dodging 44.6% of attacks (and Wrath is almost always up!)

Just wondering if anyone else is reaping the benefits of a high dodge chance like I am? God I love Barbs, don't think I could ever go back to another class!
I sure do, might wanna work some more Dex though if you want too really get a lot out of VW
but try not too spread this info around too much cause i kinda paved the way for the dex build and my gear isn't that expensive cause no ones really started a dex trend, and i want it to stay that way, cause a month or 2 from now EVERYONES gonna be usin dex on there barb and sayin they thought of it...and when PvP hits....Dex all day!
this is a good combination if you have high block chance.

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