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AUCTION HOUSE: In the "Completed" tab, give us two options.
1. "Cash-in": when you've tried to sell a crappy item and realize it will probably never sell, hit this button to receive the vendor value in gold. Right now, you have to return every item to your stash, start a game, take it from your stash to inventory, and sell it to a merchant.
2. "Re-sell": This button would put the completed unsold item back in the "sell" window with the exact same minimum bid and buyout numbers you used originally. Of course at this point you can adjust the numbers if you like.

1. "Identify". If you want to identify a rare 'in the field', you do the whole right-click-thing. If you have 25+ rares, go to town and one of the NPCs will "identify" your entire inventory for you, much like Deckard Cain did in D2. Because he is seldom visited and has a magical function already, how about the healer in every town?

2. "Re-Forge". Most likely the Blacksmith. Perhaps as a perk for hitting a certain Paragon level, or for completing a quest, we the players should be allowed to change the *appearance* of our items. For example, I can't stand the Demon Hunter shoulders that look like a dinosaur's back. If I find optimal shoulders but hate the way they look, for the cost of some gold and perhaps tomes I could have the Blacksmith reforge them into any visual item style available (with the probable exception of weapons). D3 made a nice addition with the dyes, it's time to take customization a step further.

[I'd also like to see other perks for Paragon level milestones.. every 10 levels, or 25, 50, 75, 100.. that's another thread that's already been started and discussed. BUT how about a socketing perk? Put a socket in any item, or add one more (if allowed) to an item that has 2 or fewer sockets]

I would imagine this is something that could be rolled out with the PvP patch. I really enjoy the Jar of Souls event, but it's not long or intense enough, even on Inferno. I'd like to see a survival mode (most likely independent of any of the game's acts, but possibly inside one.. Act 4 is awfully short after all) that progresses in difficulty, throws in some champions, maybe includes enemies from the different acts progressively. If I had my way, this would give you Paragon experience, because even at Paragon lvl 10 I know that grinding the same 4 levels over and over again is Mix it up. Give us different ways to earn it. Maybe the survival mode only gives you a fraction of the normal experience, or maybe Nephalem Valor stacks won't happen in this mode. Obviously this could be a coop mode as well.

Do you have a boss or girlfriend with a Battlenet account, who could easily see when the last time you logged in was? Do you ever want to log into D3 for just a minute to check the AH, only to see a dozen messages and invites from friends? Do you ever start up D3 with the desire for complete solitude, and would rather not have friends jumping in your games and making life difficult? Why not give us a Private Gaming mode. At the login screen, we just check a box for "private gaming", and although we will be playing on Bnet, earning achievements, and using the AH, nobody else will know that we are on, or have been on, for that session. Of course anytime during your session you should be able to go into options and "go public" again. Come on Blizz, the world is "Big Brotherly" enough these days without video games tracking our movements!

Thanks Blizzard for the latest patch, it was GREAT. I hope you agree that these changes would make the next patch even better.
About "survival mode", the idea is to break up the monotony of repeating quests, or at least clearing the same areas, over and over again for Paragon exp.

Giving players special perks at Paragon benchmarks (like increased movement speed, or socketing of an item, something every 10 levels) is cool... but what about special monster-dense areas that are only available to players of certain paragon levels? Blizzard could easily roll out something like Uber Tristram in D2 for example.

Since there are Four acts, why not divide 100 Paragon levels by 4. At paragon 25, you access a new map containing super-hard monsters from Act 1, ending with the "Uber Butcher" (maybe you have to fight the Skeleton King along with him, and his summons!).

At Paragon 50, a new area with harder monsters from Act 2 with a final boss fight.. Maghda, Zolton, and Belial at the same time!

You get the idea. Of course, running these Uber areas would be very difficult but also grant tons of experience.
I think Paragon levels was a genius way to save D3 from oblivion, but let's take it to the next level. Blizzard wanted to give us a reason to keep playing besides farming, and that's great. But I'm thinking by the time I hit Paragon 20 I'm gonna be burned out regardless.. and not even want to work on getting my 4 other chars up to that level. Also, the boss fights for the most part are way too easy, so this would be a way to beef them up.

[I suppose you could access the Uber levels at 20/40/60/80, since accessing the Uber Act 4 area at 100 would be pointless from an experience standpoint]

This might be too tongue-in-cheek, but I was fantasizing about them recreating the boss fights from Diablo 2.. modern-day re-imaginings of Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal!!
So far the most challenging monsters in the game are the random elites and whatnot, NOT the bosses. To me, boss fights should be the most challenging, epic, and rewarding fights in the game. Implementing Uber levels would give them an opportunity to keep elites challenging for the regular game, but have these special areas accessible only to players of a certain Paragon level, where the bosses can take their rightful badass place in the game.

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