Hyper WW Barb - 1.0.5 Build & Beginner Guide

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What do you guys think of my build? I was trying to be a "fire" Barb, but I am having trouble generating fury. I know I could change my WW to hurricane but the volcano was the core of the Fire build. I am using pound of flesh because it helps as I WW I am constantly getting health globes. The gear bonuses were again to deal fire damage (you know.... I was trying to have some fun) What am I doing wrong and right? What should I focus on?


your crit chance is way too low thus resulting in you not being able to generate/sustain your fury. thats the whole point of having into the fray in your set of skills is it not?
Just wanted to say thanks for the guide. I went from struggling through act III inferno on my DH for a few weeks to clearing act IV inferno on MP 1 in about a day of real time (not time played).

For people worried about/bashing the OP for the cost of the gear, I was able to put a set together that makes this build totally viable for about 1.5-2 mil. I did have a bit of luck with ring drops, and didn't have to buy those.

You don't have to have your stats up as high as they are listed in the first post. My str is only about 1300, my health is 31k-ish. The big thing I found is just getting your crit chance up to keep the fury coming and +crit dmg to give it some teeth. I just shot for gear that had most of the recommended stats in a decent quantity, and it's worked out just fine. I can burn through any act on MP1 just about as fast as I can move.

Thanks again OP!
Thanks for your advices..

I tried to get this stats but now everything is going much harder because if you want to have more dps you need more more more gold.
After 85k dps without buffs,its getting harder to upgrade dps.
I can easyly farm act 1 2 3 on mp5 with my char,sometimes im having trouble when there is not a lot of adds around.
If you want to check my profile heres my link:


If you have any suggestions or critics,
please comment it..

wow so much abuse for posting his own build to help out people who dont know, i use these guides as reference and comparisons and i for one am grateful for someone trying to help, you guys posting abuse because you do it differently and think that its better because you do it... try being constructive for a change and add to it rather than arrogantly add your thoughts precursored by or followed by abuse
Can someone give me some tip on what I should be focusing first for my barb? I know my gear isn't great but I don't quite know which gear I need to replace first. I can only farm act3 with mp3 efficiently cause anything higher is too much for me to farm without dying too frequently. :/ any tip or suggestion will be much appreciated.

Check my profile for my build. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/ImaPotato-1135/
Someone requested a 2H version of this... So here it is please check my profile. If u go for 2h put rend in ur build for 5 seconds of crazy heal and damage along with ur ww + tornadoes.
I had this inner suspicion that every successful build seems the ultimate...
But I must say I have no $$$ / €€€ for this, sooooo... any pointers to a less expensive build that also works well (I do not intend to go past MP2)?...

P.S.: This build is awesome!

P.S.: I need something for a 2-hand weapon - I already have a reasonable Skorn...
I was just wondering why you have your lower DPS weap as offhand?
Can anyone suggest how I can mod my build to generate a little more fury at the expense of health?? I almost never die-- solo INF A3 (AND I finally found ONE KEY!!!)

But what can I do do generate fury faster?

Appreciate any help!


Don't worry about health change out....

Change to a mighty weapon....that will do the trick, you will never loose fury with your build and you will no longer need a passive for it either.
Thanks, Plow. Isn't the brown I'm using a mighty weapon? or do you mean a green?
I have the "vow" set, but they seem to really cut my damage.

Ah-- you have the same Vow set--but with SOCKETS!

Thx again.
Actually it is classified as a mace, it doesn't have to be a "set item", there are plenty of mighty weaps out there that aren't. Yes you will take a damage cut but it is easier to make up damage than fury, there are many ways to increase your damage....not so many for fury.
love the guide, very new to Barb, just leveling now to use some items I kept from farming. will treat this as bible to avoid wasting money (as I did many times before).
hey i need help with my build! i know it is lacking cc and my crit dmg isn't great but i have no idea which gear should i replace/upgrade so that i can make my ww build more efficient. i am also looking to increase my dps so what should i do? thanks in advance!
Thanks for the guide GoldenAxe! I just switched to WW for the first time and this guide was helpful.
im building my first D3 baba and this build is very helpful but what does the abreviation RA mean on your armour? thats the one thing im not following
RA = Resist All
This build costed me about 10 mil for all the items im wearing and it works great to farm mp 1-2... but for paragon with no mp... like a knife through hot butter!
Btw I deal 78k dps and with skills 87k dps...

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