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IMHO there is no comparison between Diablo 3 and either GW2 or PoE.

The latter two are games that are fun to play.
Diablo 3 is a shopping sim with a mediocre game attached.

Nice eye candy.
im happy for this whatever dude's ban.

i hate when player use exploit in an online game.
-farming goblins, wow that was epic.

anyway, just ban all these random dudes and build a stronger fanbase, that will be more into it because its well organized.

same as countries.
Kripparian just got banned in GW2 by crafting and vendoring:


Do you really want to subject yourself to this kind of N a z i environment in a game? ArenaNet turns out to be way worse than Blizz.

Well Kripp fanboi...he used an exploit to earn a ton of gold that he KNEW he should not have been able to earn. When it seems to good to be true..it is. He got banned because he exploited the game and even he knows it. I appreciate that Arenanet is not allowing this kind of stuff to go on and having the ecnomy ruined like it has been in other games...looks around...yeah...this game. If you cant see that Kripp should have been banned...well trying removing your head from your backside and look again....still cant? Well...there is no hope for you.

LMAO a ton of gold. I guess 8 is a lot nowadays.

He also talked about how over 4,000 people were banned for buying an item in a VENDOR for a price that wasn't intended and was an OVERSIGHT on the admin side. So they PERMABANNED all those people. People complained enough, so they gave them a TEMP BAN for 72 hours because they BOUGHT an item in a VENDOR. Kripp was banned for 72 hours, then banned permanently without being told. In fact, it was posted on redit before they told him about it. Actually not even sure they said anything at all to him. Yes, they can change that whenever they want, but that's like putting you in jail for DUI then 12 hours later telling you that you are in jail for murder.
Massive World? I think they tricked you.
Kripp is a frickin' loser. Why do people bump his worthless !@#?
i myself think guys like Kripp makes the
gaming community more stupid, and overall just doesnt bring anything positive. he a leech.i i would definitely ban him from my game.
08/31/2012 09:34 AMPosted by polyoddity
Kripp is a frickin' loser. Why do people bump his worthless !@#?


no life gamer has no life followers. makes sense to me.
There is no comparison and those that do are idiots. GW2 is a completely huge massive open world where the whole game is coop. Each class and profession have different skills and weapons, but some can use the same weapons. Each weapon has it's own set of skills that you get as you level up. Once you reach a certain level you can swap weps on the fly. The 3D graphics are insanely good but so are D3's. The world is hugely massive. I have maybe 17 hours in and only touched 1%. The group events are great there was 40 of us beating on one dragon. It has less structure than D3. There are level recommendations for areas and events, yea you get more XP if you are lower than the recommendations. Some of the events are funny stupid like throwing snowballs at kids, or gathering meat and throwing it on the fire for the festival, or waking up the drunks in the snow with a keg of cold water. Yes you can do events over and over again but there is no need because the place is so huge. Events pop up as you travel through the world.
I had to cal Blizzard support for an issue with the client he had purchased GW2 and agreed there is no comparison they are completely different games.

Now POE and D3 you can compare.

I am not leaving D3 my monk beat inferno and I still have 4 other class to do the same. GW2 is just a nice change as there really is no grind at all. Granted I like grinding sometimes now that drops are better. But I spent over a month grinding Act 1 with very little to show for it. Post patch got a godly 2h for my monk.

I have some D3 friends that are going to buy GW2 because we have a good group and like to play together.

So GW2 is a crappy MMO... already knew that.
GW2 looks real fun.

some imperfection, but developpers seem serious.
and those imperfection wont remove the "cool".
like flying mamooth on skyrim.

im jumping into GW2 boat this weekend unless the reviews goes critically bad.
im quite sure it can be 300+h for one shot pay.
If it's in the game and part of what ArenaNet shipped to it's customers then people should not be banned for it. It was a broken in game mechanic. So in essence you got banned for beta testing for them.

The game was un polished simple as that. Not saying that all games ship bug free, but people should not be banned for an un-polished product.

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