Constant Lag Spikes

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I want to party but I simply can't. dying way too much. Resists and armor are useless. IAS is useless when your ping gets to 2-3 seconds... virtually .3-.4 attacks per second. Why bother to upgrade your gear if you're gonna die a million times anyways
Lag spikes all the time for me.

Got a gtx 680 so it's not that, my GF plays sat next to me and hers is fine so it's not our internet connection.

Sort out your servers and/or game code blizz.
i have to agree with this... finaly got my dh to act1 hell with level 53... lagspike with those big charging beasts... insta killed... bye bye and start again... pick my level 30 monk... got it till 31... and then had a lag spike... got some bonus xp for survival in act4 normal. this is realy hard when playing hardcore... it's almost unplayable... almost seems like ppl are duping on servers again like in d2...
I am having these issues too after being able to play the game no problem for the first few months. I have not played regularly recently due to the lag issues and have now had to unlock my account due to it being locked for suspicious activity. I can honestly say I will not be in a hurry to buy another Blizzard game, which is sad as they were once my favourite gaming company.

Please sort it out, this kind of service goes beyond unacceptable!
Same Here. It is lagging like crazy this morning. I don't know what blizzard is doing with the extra sales money or rmah proceeds, but, adding more bandwidth/server clusters (whichever is needed) would be wise, and a nice tax write off.
Anyone that has tried everything you can try this some people are saying it works I'm going to Tom. Find your d3 pref file and delete it because they said it could get corrupted and restart the game. It has works for some and a lot of people said they got better fps
It seems that countless people are having the FPS dropping issue, I have my own thread made about it posted with all the things ive tried, but I am about to just quit the game, it is sad to see a game that was so anticipated for years and years have issues like this.. I would understand if it was some no name f2p game etc.. but I mean seriously how could Blizzard let this go on for so long without even admitting theres a problem or making any comment on it (other then post your dxdiag please)...
I am not 100% sure exactly how the game "works".. but a thought also is the same people that are having these FPS spiking issues (that have really good computers) could also be a Blizzard server side problem OR an ISP problem.. since the game is online only, does that not mean that there could be problems between their servers and certain peoples ISP's that could theoretically cause FPS issues/drops (rather then ping in normal cases) ?

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