the GW2 rave is crazy

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seriously. i want a gw2 forum and character profile.
some things blizzard do nicely.
It appears that GW2 has just reopened their forums, although it is limited to support forums, but I would imagine that more will come as they believe their infrastructure will handle it.
Players helping players is now open too.
And a guild forum has opened today as well.
And people still play 4 times more hours on GW2 than they do in D3 (on Xfire at least)

And there are games that are more fun to play than to discuss on the forums - I know this might sound weird for a D3 player.
it's slowly opening more. and lol at Maegglin.
i am only here whiel at work (forums that is), when i'm home, i'll be playing games! :DDDD

currently, i do spend more time on GW2, cause i play with my wifey, and only play D3 on the weekends, or get a quick farm run in on the weeknights if i can manage.

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