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First things first, I pretty much have to buy it from bestbuy (my parents have a card, and it offers no interest, etc.) but I am of course open to suggestions for comparable laptops.

Second, my goal is to play Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, Battlefield 2: Bad Company, The Witcher, and Dragon Age: Origins on high settings pretty much flawlessly.

Please take a look at the specs of this machine, and tell me what you think!
Do NOT buy a laptop for gaming, you will regret it (a mistake I made). The point of a laptop is to be mobile and for it to be sufficient for gaming it will be really heavy which will make it not mobile. For a cheaper price you could get a desktop that is more powerful (and possible a very light and crappy laptop to run things like word).
I highly recommend Asus. The laptop you're considering is a newer generation of the one I'm currently using. However, 2 of my friends have bought the same laptop in that link and they have no problems playing the games you have listed.

Only Witcher 2 lags if you set it to ultra high settings. Asus is great because for the specs they're offering, I just can't find a cheaper price.

However, things I have noticed with Asus Gaming Laptops. Note that these are experiences that I have personally noticed only:

1. High temperatures. (Play in an airconditioned room).
2. You may have problems with typing if you're a fast typist. However, for gaming, the keys work fine.
3. Mouse pad might behave erratically. (Use a mouse instead).

The laptop is also notoriously heavy but it isn't that big of a deal.

Hope this helps.
Only buy a laptop if constant mobility is a prerequisite. No one in their right mind should be buying a gaming laptop if a desktop is viable.
That is the laptop that I currently own and use.

It's got it's pro's and con's.

It has not choked on any game that I've thrown at it with high settings, might have to turn down shadows on a few games depending on how the game is optimized.

Nice keyboard that lights up for night play

Reasonable price for a laptop for what you get.

Looks nice and the "rubberized" top and palm rest makes the laptop feel more expensive than it really is.

It's only a 720p screen. For a couple hundred more you can get the same computer with full 1080i

It's a really heavy laptop, so if you plan on toting it around a lot, you may be sorry you went for it because well... It's simply heavy

The screen is gloss so it reflects light from behind you rather badly.

Battery life is really not that great, but then again with a 17.3" screen you're not likely to find many monster "gaming" laptops that will run very long on the battery. Mine for the most part just stays plugged in where ever I can use it plugged in and it's got enough battery power for short use when I can't plug it in to a socket.

It's large, you will likely need to get a very large backpack to carry it around, It took me a few weeks to finally find a good backpack that this laptop would fit in.

You may end up wanting to upgrade it a little, for me I put in one 185GB SSD drive (as my primary C drive) and I added an additional 8 GB of memory for a total of 16GB since I do a lot of graphics work and video editing.

I plan on putting in a second SSD drive (these come with two 500GB regular platter HDD's) once I can find a 500 GB or larger SSD at an affordable price. My primary even though all documents, images and other data is still stored on the regular 500GB second drive is constantly filled up, I'm often down to about 25 to 50GB or so and every time that I buy a new steam game I've got to delete off an older steam game to make room since I don't want it dropping down to only a few GB.

Yes, the SSD drive helps a lot for speed of accessing your programs as well as starting up Windows. I believe when I tested mine, Windows started off the SSD drive in aproximately 10 to 15 seconds at most. Of course the more stuff you put on the laptop the slower it's going to start.

As far as the keyboard and touchpad are concerned, I can't comment further than I already did since I use an external USB keyboard and mouse, as it's too hard for me to type on a laptop since I type at 96.8 words per minute (with a 96% error ratio, i.e. 96% correctly typed, and 4% incorrect) on my Microsoft ergonomic keyboard and can't even come close to half that on a laptop keyboard. If you're going to use it as a desktop replacement you may well want to get a nice USB keyboard and mouse to use when it's at home and then just use the laptop touchpad and keyboard when away from home.
Oh and make sure that if you buy it, you check out the system stats when you get it to make sure that it truly does have the Nvidia GTX 660 as they list on the website. I bought mine less than about 6 or 7 months ago, and it only has the Nvidia GTX 560m video chip, NOT the 660 that Bestbuy lists in the specs area of the website page. Although it could be true, I kind of am doubting that they changed to the 660 chip in less than a year of production, but maybe they did.

If it's truly the 660 then that's even better.

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