Ideal Zoltan Kulle for expansion villain

Lore and Story
I have been thinking, and after reading all the stuff about the lord of lies (don't want to track down his name for spelling) being the next villain then thinking about the plot line, 4 things occurred to me, first Kulle would be a much better Villain all around then the lord of lies,
Second Why would they do so much better with his writing and character building compared to the main villains if they he was just going to be killed off so fast, he was leaps ahead of any other bad guy in terms of writing motives and originality.
Third another human like the hero is the only thing that could be more powerful then the prime evil, and kulle just happens to be a human and be insane, he is about the only thing that could top diablo in power, if he was allowed to put the black soul stone in his body, which was his plan according to arch angle of justice.
Fourth the d3 writers made every attempt to state that kulle was almost impossible to kill, the horrdrim had to cut him in to pieces and hide his body in another ream, they could not ruin his archives earthier.
So what if kulle reformed and then took the black soul stone, if any one could find it he could then harnessed its power some how, it seems a bit to big to poke into his dead like Aiden did with diables, this would make him likely the most powerful being ever.
Kulle could then use his powers to make incredibly powerful constructs and destroy hell and heaven or take control of them forcing you to fight both angle and demon.
Having kulle be the next villain would be better because he is not so black and white, some of the things he said about angles and demons have us be at there mercy makes scene, it would not just be, lets kill the demon that is bad with out question, the story would be much more complex, some of the best villains are the ones that make you wonder weather or not your doing the right thing
Any one have any thoughts on who the bad guy will be in the expansion.
So here Kull re forums after exploding, use one of his devices to go to heaven, gets the soul stone which fell to the ground after the prime evil was killed, sticks into his body or absorbs its power blah blah blah.
Becomes a super human demon angle demigod, he can now crate constricts that are incredibly powerful, like in his archives (whole new set of monsters) and even his own world or ream (new act or area) and of course would be even more powerful and well written then the prime evil, perfect villein.

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