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Im lost i keep dying in act 3.. i have no clue what im doing wrong.. i destroy trash.. elites destroy me.. in seconds.. ive tried ww, this build and 2 handed rend build.. all of them do tons of damage.. yet i cant live more than a few seconds on elites which means im dead before i even get started..

most especially frozen/jailer with motlen, plague, and some form of reflect or firechains.. some elites i blow through .. but any version of those listed and its over reset map.. (doesnt help that those are the most common type of elites..)

im down to 100,000 gold.. and nothing sells on the AH.. i put in 900 dps weapons with socket and either str/dex and vit .. for 10k and they still wont sell..
Don't buy anymore gear without thourgoly reading this up 2.5m and then come see me. Your resists and HP and DPS are not good enuf for act 3. Farm act 2, or act 1 if you can't farm act 2 well.
I think I may have too much survivability and not enough damage. Anyone have any suggestions for improvements?
never search for gear with more than 50-60 AR. (in the guide). Look at some of the barbs I geared in the previous version of this thread for ideas about what gear should look like. You litterally have no crit stats.
I've added general search parameters for item slots for people to look at. This is for sword and board ONLY
Hello Ender, looking at my gear can you tell me how much gold I need before it's worth asking your help for shopping (that's mean enough money to really improve hard my build)?

I do act 3 and 4 solo.

Thx a lot! :)
@Xail ur profile is unavailable.
You have to click on europe on the page that say it is not avaible...
Or try this link:
Hey Ender, I know I'm low on resist but currently sitting at 1.8M, waiting for a few things to sell to be around 3M, so the choices are a little slim but what should I upgrade here for a bit better survivability. I've seen your build there and I might try it as well but my cc is a bit low (see: being poor haha) and weapons master helps deal some damage.

623k crit so far and that 2.8% LS adds up even if it is nerfed. Do you have search parameters for 2H?

@Xail I could make your gear better very easily for a SnB setup - A budget of 1.5-2m would do wonders - Note that I don't do WW barb
Hi Ender, can you make a suggestion on my build? I can basically hold my own up until the Tower of the Damned in Act 3.
Hi Ender...I do SnB...I was just trying for fun Tornado build...I have almost 3 milion...but I wait till I sell a big thing...I want to use your help at the best :)))
As soon I sell it I contact you thx!
your not on my server I can't really help you...I have no idea what your servers economy is like....
I'd be even willing to try SnB with a little help/suggestion if you'd be down to do that for me. I do play with my DH friend a lot so having more armour/resist, etc could probably be more beneficial. I'll be at work most of the day but I'll check the forums periodically and reply when I can.

1.8-2M budget w/ other gear and weapons that I could sell and/or use.
Hello Ender, great guide.

Will check AH tonight for some of the gear suggestions.
Hello ender, I been stuck in Act Ii with my gear...i have around 2.5m, but i dont know which gear would i need to upgrade and to what:

example: my chest ..should i upgrade my chest? and to what? i should look for like wat gear?
He has a list of attributes you should be looking for on specific pieces of gear (for Sword and Board) on the original post. Have a gander and see if it helps.
Not sure if my other items loaded or not (removed some of the 2h gear).

I'm wanting to go back SnB, Any tips for weapon/shield?

I can probably do a 3m budget to upgrade the better things that need upgrading? :)
Sword and board here looking for advice:

Got about 4m but have some nice legendarys that should sell for at least 5m a piece going so would be looking to spend after those but any general advice would be appreciated

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