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Had awesome fun with the 2H spec. Upgraded my gear a lot, and now I've gone from struggling in A3 with a S&B spec to smashing stuff in the face with a 2H Rend spec :)
Going to add you for buying advice. 8mil budget. Looking to beat the game and then farm a3.

I'm currently ww but I don't care if I need to change that.
Ender, thank you greatly for this guide.

I was trapped in a cycle of STR & AR stacking which cost me untold amounts of gold/cash. With your guide, I cleaned up my build, re-geared and saw an immediate improvement.

DPS from 14k to 48k (new weap was not nearly as as expensive as LOH ones)
Health from 35k to 52k

I am able to sleep solo Act 3 to Ghom. Will continue tonight!

AND I didn't have any gold left to upgrade 4 slots, or most of the gems.

Well done, thank you greatly and I hope you enjoy 1.05

Hey Ender,

Sorry to hear that you got sick? Hope your feeling better.

I know you have been busy and there are a lot of people wanting your service, but was wondering how the line was looking. I have been doing some farming and made a few more million. I can easily do act 3, a little slow at times, but I can do it.

You added me to the list a few weeks ago and was wondering when I would be popping up at the top.

I would like to start farming act 4 as soon as I can. When you look at my gear, I do have some MF on, but can swap it out.

Please let me know when you can help.

09/19/2012 10:20 AMPosted by GingersKill
I would like to start farming act 4 as soon as I can
Farming act four is pointless as there are too few elite packs for it to be efficient. Farming act 3 is always better.
Understood. Well if you can help me get a more speedier and efficient set going, I would greatly appreciate it.

I had "Skorn" drop for me and I have it on the AH but am thinking about doing a 2h build if it doesn't sell. I love the S&B setup though.

I will be at work till later PST time, so hopefully I will talk to you soon.
I really tried to make sense of the guide but it still confuses me... I'm primary wizard so if that makes any sense it's very different...

does it mean nuke 3 is better than 1? or does more dmg?
and I didn't know if this took into account the stat changes?
Thanks a ton Ender. He popped into my game, got the money, left, was back in under 10 min. lol. Just finished soloing Diablo. was super easy. Thanks again.
I have to agree with all the previous posters that have recieved help from Ender. He does amazing with regearing. Outstanding work, very very satisfied with the regearing. Works like a charm. More than definitely worth it to have him help you guys that are waiting.

Nearly the same DPS wise when I was using a 2H build, increased my HP by nearly 15k (went from 37k hp to 52k hp), my resists by almost 300 each spec. Gained about 15%-18% crit chance and only lost about 50% crit damage (again due to Skorn differences) which isnt a noticeable loss.

Only thing is I need to get used to a new style of play on my barb. Once again awesome job Ender and TYVM.
Thank you for all the kind words people. I have done my best over the past few days to gear as many people as possible. While there are a few of you out there who are waiting, wait times for my services have decreased dramatically, however I am now putting a 10m gold min on my services for all NEW clients. This should emphasize people saving up their gold before coming to me, as well as reduce all future backlogs of people waiting.
i still dying in act 3, what should i change /improve ?
sweet! with the additional testimonials posted here, i'm looking forward to availing your services, Ender. my budget has gone up from 14M to 17M since i last posted here.

Just feel free to hit me up in-game when my turn is next.
again, another vouch for Ender! hope you get better soon if not already, and enjoy 1.0.5 when i comes out!! see you on here again soon.

glad to see more and more people getting upgrades, either through working directly with Ender, or taking the first post and going happy hunting on their own.

go barbs.
what should i upgrade ender? dying sometimes in act 3
I added you. I have a 50m budget. and I will tip well please let me know when you have time
Hey man. I just stepped into act 3 and realized that i don't have good enough gear =p I blew some money on my gear to get through act 2 and i should of saved it to talk to you. Could you help to tell me what kind of stats i need to be raising on my gear and if i picked any thing that was good?
Quick question regarding the tips on the first post. You had mentioned getting at least a 6 yard pickup radius. I'm looking for an upgrade to my gear as I don't have a pickup radius and I'm finding a lot of 5 yard pickups. Is there that much of a difference between 5 and 6 yards when it comes to picking up health globes while you're tanking (without having to move to pick them up)?

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