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Hey ender,

Looking for a little advice as everyone else is. My barb is in pretty good shape already soloed through all of inferno and on to end game now. My build is pretty much identical to yours and have been sword/board since beginning. Just really having trouble deciding where I can make sacrifices with gear to improve my dps. I'm only about 25k in buffed which is fine I get through mf runs fine with minimal to no deaths. But could use a dps boost to improve speeds. Any help you can offer would be great.

I'm about 3.5 mil with multiple legendaries and hi level rares I can sell for maybe 10 mil
Uch! that I have the money...
Worked on my Gear last night some, I know I still need to switch out a few pieces, Anyone got any suggestions on what I should focus on and what is the weakest piece of gear that I should focus on? I still have about 800k to spend on fixing my Barb :)
Hi Ender,

Can you look at my gear and give a some advice on what to do?
Hey Ender.

I'm in Act3 and spending a lot more on repair bills than I care for. I'm sitting on around 2.8m right now. I don't know what order i should be replacing my equipment. I had been using rend/bloodsthirst but couldn't get past ghom so I switched it out today to try later on using ignore pain/ignorance is bliss.

Can you take a look at my gear and give me an idea of where to go? I had Jordan help me with my current equipment before and he was able to get me a really large dps increase but not sure where to go from here.

I'm from Italy (now in holiday in thailand) if u find a way to help me pls let me know!

Or just give a tip...pls pls pls...I'm stuck... :))))
I have 17 milion and don't know how to really improve and you are able to improve me hard with only 2 milion....arghrgrhrgrhrgrhrhgr
@Xail I said man, look at my old thread I posted 2 and look thru some of the people who have vouched that I helped them. Look at their gear and search for gear thats like theirs or better.
I made a request in game with a message and commented on your other post. I could really use your help. Stuck in diablo phase 2 too long.
Sent a request, budget 6 mil.

I have equipped items that have vit and a few more stats to see what I can be running with.

I'm sure I can get a better weapon & shield
Thanks to Ender for helping me =D
Just built 2 more 50m 2h barbs tonight!
Hello Ender, great thing you have going on here!

I've been trying several builds and methods to play, but none satisfy me, and my budget is kind of short. Lately, I was even trying to score a Skorn, but gave up on that, when seeing the prices for a nice one...

So, I'm trying to build a good 2H HotA barb, and I could really use your help, if you're available.
Thank you in advance, and great initiative! Major props!
Ender is a class act. He helped me to make some smart purchases, gave some great game playing tips and made the game fun again. Thanks Ender.
Hey can you take a look at my gear? I'm in act 3 and I'm stuck on ghom. I just can't kill him. As far as elite packs go before him I don't have too much trouble. I do die but maybe one to three times per pack. I read another persons guide and spent almost 1 mil on gear, and then I found out you can input the minimum values for the stats on the gear and now I'm like OMFG I wish I knew I could do that.....

But anyways I need help getting past ghom and knowing what my minimum stats should be. How do people go about making money quickly? Should I just farm up 2mil or so and come back to you? I do love SNB spec so this is great for me. Right now I only have 200k gold I need to get to farming I suppose. I just wish I hadn't wasted almost 1 mil G and then can't even touch ghom. =(
@Ender looking to build a solid 2H Barb, recenty switched to a WW but I'm not digging it, for now anyway. Was tanking for awhile but hit a wall in act 3. Need a build that will get me closer to the end of act 4. Budget 30m. At work right now but will add you tomorrow. If you have a chance check my profile and leave some suggestions.
Thanks Ender for the help!! Very knowledgeable and friendly person in-game. Super satisfied!
Hi Ender,

I am looking to play my Barb ( again towards Act 3 after I get my Monk to 60. I seen some of the profiles of people you help, very nice. I want to ask if I should look for a better 1H to replace my existing Mace or will the 2H Messerschmidt's Reaver (currently on my monk - ) work fine for me?

I would be looking to change my Chest and Pants. Other than those, which ones would be bang for buck upgrades since I only have 3mil?

Many thanks for your help.
Hey Ender,

I am not sure what items I should change out first in my build, I know you said in your guide I should have some crit chance on shield helm and gloves I will look into that.

Is there any other items in my build that I should change?

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