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It's not even close man....upgrade your chest piece and belt. Follow Ender's advice on page 1 of what to look for on each piece...and you'll see a big improvement.
09/04/2012 09:58 PMPosted by Ender
Don't buy anymore gear without thourgoly reading this up 2.5m and then come see me. Your resists and HP and DPS are not good enuf for act 3. Farm act 2, or act 1 if you can't farm act 2 well.

at 2.6 million gold now.
I admit I'm trying to get over the 10 Mil mark here and maybe use your services. But by the time I get there...there might not be anything that 10 Mil can do for me outside of a ring or two.
Oh there is plenty I can do for you with that....PLENTY.

@Everyone - Look folks it doesn't take 10m gold to have me upgrade you gear. Most times I only need 2-3 in order to buy whole sets of gear for people. If you have 3m gold my service will help you. Just because YOU can't find upgrades for that much doesn't mean I cant, this is why I run this service.
Hey Ender! Can you give me a rough idea what I need to improve on my Barb and how much gold do you need to improve my stats? I barely cleared Act 3 but would like to farm Act 3 easily.

Let me know! Cheers!
I have 2.5M now and looking to transfer over to the tank/snb side of Barbarian. I'm just using a 2H build for now to farm Act 1 and make some cash to upgrade.
i can do a 4m set build for best farming build.
I am really liking my Rend build. I am trying to max out my life regen, and now I am at a point where the only real way forward is through upping my DPS.

This guide will be helpful but it was very similar to what I figured out on my own. Seeing it written down helps solidify some concepts though.

My next step is going to be upping all my Gems or getting a new chest with another gem slot to get the most out of it. I also want to get more IAS, Crit Dmg, and Crit Chance into my gear. I realize I can sacrafice some AR for more DPS because I am built for life regen with Rend, Revenge, Ignore Pain, and Bloodthirst. I would like to get a Life Steal belt and a LoH/LS wep.

Anything Else I should consider? What kind of DPS should be my target?

Thanks in advance.
Anyone have advice on the next piece of gear I should upgrade? Taking ender's advice of going for a big upgrade to the worst piece rather than a small upgrade to random pieces.
OK so i just got done dealing with ender, let me say he is a stand up guy and true to his word. you can TRUST him with your $$. He gave me 13k more DPS and 10K more health. I had a 5 mil budget and he greatly increased all of my stats. Well worth it to anyone who is needing upgrades but doesnt know where to start!
Added garunteed stats for 5m gold (that does not include 500k 5.5m)
I just finished act 1 inferno, but i get killed a lot by elites with molten, plagued, frozen and jailer... I have pretty decent dps but lackin HP and resists, i have 3mil to spare, would that be enough? cheers.
I need some help, my gear is all over the place. I'd like to try try the SNB build that you suggested. How much improvement could I get for 5 or 10m? I'd like to be able to farm A3 solo trouble free if that is possible for this budget.
Guess I'll have to get 3 more million, in which case, I guess I'll just have to wait. Argh. Going to be a lot of Act 1 for me haha.

HA ! Got it you can just click to see my profile Ender. /facepalm
I wanted to add that now I am looking at about a 20-23 mil budget for my hopefully he'll be handing some of that butt kickin back to those mobs soon. =)

Looking forward to it !
Please. Going WW does not corner a player gear-wise. You can talk about how you dislike the play style 'immensely' but there's no one particular over powered spammable skill and it requires a great deal of concentration -- also known as fun.

You're clearly very good at what you do for gearing S&B; but let's not take shots at a play style by insinuating it's has a dead end build requirement.
Hey, Ender!

Glad to see business is booming! This guy is awesome, helped make my barb a beast for less than what I'd already wasted on my own. His services are exceedingly useful, worth every shilling of his fee.

@Ender, so I still have that Helm of Command but I use Andariel's even with my SnB spec because it nets another 7.7k dps and I can handle the health and block loss. I still like to play my throw spec as well and am kind of at a loss for where I should put my gold next. To do my throw spec I swap out my rare ring and ammy for all crit chance (because I lose so much crit from the shield as I'm using the 300th Spear) and a bit of strength. Plus I swap the belt to gain the -4 fury to weap throw but I lose a considerable amount of life AND that 57AR. So I'd really like to add a bit more crit chance without sacrificing more life or dps, and even some more attack speed would be great. I need LS but I keep losing my Lamentation bids to stupid snipers. The ones with -4 fury to throw + high str are very costly as a buyout.

So, with my already great stats, what's the cost effective way of netting more crit chance/attack speed without sacrificing health/resists/dps? It kills me to buy items with less strength or crit damage. I've looked at replacing some items with similar stats but adding physical or fire resist, but not sure if the cost is justified. I know I can squeeze more crit chance into gloves/bracer, and the jewelry I replace (ring adds 4%, ammy adds 7.5%) but they are so costly to not lose my crit damage or str or vitality blah blah blah.

I'd like to be able to alernate with a 2H build as well as my throw build since they both use similar stats, just the throw barb requires more crit chance/attack speed to make it viable and the 2H I know needs a bit more armor/resist than the throw. I think I'm at a point where I might need to spend more gold per item and I don't want to do it foolishly.

Don't get me wrong, my barb owns nearly everything, I just want the nicer endgame stats to be even more of a beast. I'm sitting on nearly 15mil but always have crap for sale in the AH.
Hi Ender, I'd like your help building the best possible SnB
My budget is 14.5mil prior to you taking your cut.

I will add you on bnet.

So what could you do with 20m for me?

Edit: Potentially more.
Hey Ender, trying to improve my barb for faster farming, my budget is 6.5 mil. I realize I'm currently 2h but I'd be more than happy to go SnB if it meant improvement. Let me know if you can help, thanks a bunch.

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