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So I just beat FF 13 ,13-2 and KH: DDD . I have a few games in my backlog I'd like to get to but I'm not sure which to go with next. Any suggestions? And no I dont give a hoot which console its on, i'm not a fanboy to any of the consoles, I just love great games. heres a link to my backlog any suggestion where to go next?

Note: Theres nothing wrong with D3 I really am enjoying it, but I do like variety in my games.
Took a look at your backlog of stuff and you have a good variety just like I have.

PS3 - Definitely try Tales of Grace.

PSP - I recommend you start on Star Ocean 1 and 2 as you can beat both in about 25-30 hours.
- Final Fantasy Tactics is one of the best if not the best SRPG's for the PSP. Y's Seven is
also a fun adventure lasting about 30-35 hours.
I also highly recommend Jeanne D'Arc, Tactics Ogre, and Monster Hunter Freedom

PC - I play D3, Torchlight 1 (Waiting for 2 on the 20th), and Guild Wars 2 has been
keeping me busy.

I pretty much had all PS1/PS2 and PSP RPG's with their strategy guides that came out in the U.S. at one time in my life. I sold all PS1/PS2 RPG's a few years back since they were collecting dust.

I did hold onto the PSP since I love playing RPG's on handheld. I call it the Monster Hunter and DJ Max Portable machine :) The PSP to me had some of the best RPG's and they had continued to remaster and put some back on there like FF4 and Lunar SSSC. Too bad it didn't do too well here in the U.S. but I continue to support it by importing some of the Japanese games that never made it state side like Grand Knights History,Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, and Suikoden 1/2.
I like your list.

I strongly suggest you play Xenoblade till the end - probably one of the best RPGs I played in years. I finished it twice because I just could not stop playing.

Monster Hunter is indeed a must for PsP (and WII - MH TRi is beautiful and has great single/multi player). Tried Gods Eater - somehow a MH clone.

GW2 is also an entertaining experience - a different one from other MMOs.
Any other ideas?
Try Dota 2

Demon and Dark Souls for ps3

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