100k dps+ dual wielding demon hunters

Demon Hunter
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I've switched from Windforce to Calamity and love it. I haven't made the switch to dual wield because my DML is difficult to give up. I've not had much luck getting a good Danetta's Spite and so far losing the vitality and +damage to Bola shot is just not worth an extra 4-5k damage from mediocre spites.

I run 173k damage with archery as the only damage boosting passive.
127K unbuff... Arghhh i'm stucked
Count me in :) running 227k with Archery by using not-so-good slotted Calamity and Danetta's Spite.
My main build is with Manti + DML though
I guess I'm in this too, 186k with archery, still trying to hit 200k, hoping for that perfect hellfire roll.
I won't consider myself to be good, but this is my build, i'm still working on it....

gonna work on getting more vitality.... cause i'm kinda paper....

my only pride for now is hitting at 3 hits per second.... this help me to keep my displine regenerated with Night Stalker
only 161k dps with archery... still looking for a better calamity and spite
Could anyone give me a tip or two on dw, i just started. and do i have to switch my skills?
I duel wield a Dawn and a Danettas with LOH and lifesteal. I use a WF and DML as my main but switch to dual wield when I come across a elite with damage reflect. I can solo mp4 currently. Might die once or twice a run.
Dual Wielder here also. Rockin' a Calamity plus a Danetta's Spite. This combo puts me at a comfortable 193k dps, with Archery (No SS or SA). For certain builds SW, with my DML, but most of the time I use DW for farming.

My DPS is nearly even right now with my DW set-up & SW set-up. I gain about 400 dps going from DML to the Spite.
just got into the 100k dps club! had to edit that post so i was using my d3 profile instead tho!
I'm at over 260k dps without sharpshooter, 73% ias
Please help fellow DW DH get over 100k damage... What should I upgrade next!?
I use calamity and dead man's together, sometimes my danneta's spite for a total of 197 dps dualweild, 185k dps with only calamity
For my next upgrade I've been trying to roll some Bracers of Dex that have the following attributes:
+ Dex (inherent)
+ 70 or more AR
+ 5% or more crit chance
+ Dex and Vit

Armor or pickup radius would be a nice bonus roll, or even fire resist since I use Andy's Helm. Along with trying to roll those bracers I'm also on the lookout for a Witching Hour Dex and Vit (and pickup radius if I can't get it on my bracers). Very poor right now :(

You have plenty of room for easy improvements. Crafting better emeralds for the weapons is a good cost effective way to increase damage up until the +80% to +90% gems. That +100% is a truckload of gold, and personally I'm holding off on them until I get my other items in order. Make sure your total critical chance is over 50% including your Archery bonus (so +35% at least) and get that +crit damage as high as you can (you should be able to get above 400% total with relatively low spending with the dual wield build). In my opinion you've got to get at least some crit chance on your Amulet, it's one of the highest ranged items for crit chance so even 6% is relatively easy to get on there. Critting well and often is the backbone of dual wielding. Don't neglect your resists and vit; the golden rule of 4 is generally good to follow:
- 4K armor
- 400 all resist
- 4000 vitality

Try to hover around those values give or take and you'll have a much better time. Diminishing returns to follow for armor and AR after the 4k and 400 though, so don't overdo them because you'll be sacrificing your DPS for a payoff that is not significant enough to justify. Good luck to you!
I was DW under I cannot take it, the dps is so much harder to gear for with legacy nats.

I change to single wielding hxbow with dml and I easily break the 100k dps limit. To top it off, the game is so much simple to play. Pop sentry, hold on to primary attack, vault, clear then remake game. I even use 'useless' gears for my cloak, boot and helm.
I have over 100k DPS, and I dual wield, tho I know I lose DPS and survivability by Dual Wielding. It is so broken. If you guys can, please show us some support for some Dual Wielding love from Blizzard for Demon Hunters: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7200050405?page=10

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