Bug on Monk Dashing Strike

Bug Report
I have this problem when using Dashing Strike, my char will get stuck after casting it and i cant do anything but to logout. This is indeed very frustrating as i need to lvl up the NV to 5 stack again. Pls help. Thanks
I have the same problem, its like i fall through the floor or become invisible. creatures can still attack me, but reducing my hit points to 0 does nothing. I don't die, can't attack, follower keeps reviving and attacking. Only course of action seems to be to leave game. Very annoying.
yeah i missed all my loot after i killed a champ mob
coincidentally (or not), some runes for Dashing Strike don't seem to work. Specifically Way of the Falling Star and Blinding Speed.
I had the same problem exactly, I posted it in another thread but it looks like this one is getting the most attention so it's best to let Blizzard know that this is a fairly serious bug for the Monk.
I've tested all the runes. All have the same problem.
bump, 2 weeks on and this is still a major problem 1 or 2 imes a day having to relog due to this bug
I'm also running into this problem. I really like dashing strike... but I'm going to have to set it aside until this is fixed.
Bump.. this is so fail.
This just happened to me and a legendary dropped, which i now cant pick up :(
This has been happening to me for weeks now. it only happens on champion packs when I try to Dash outside of them. Always with 5 Stacks.
Amazing all these reports and it appears that it isn't even being looked into....
If you want a thread combining every other threads about this issue please follow the link and post : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7006892777

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